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REP has taught me that engineering is not just a means of delivering optimal solutions to various problems. Engineering is also responsible for creating value that can impact society in unprecedented ways. The entrepreneurial modules from REP have equipped me with a greater awareness of the importance building capabilities that meet real needs.

With this insight and the training I've received, I venture to find the significance of what I do in the bigger scheme of things. It gives me a greater sense of purpose and ensures that the research work I do is not only done to advance technological but is also directed towards meeting the needs of customers.

Aaron Ang, 2015 graduate
Specialised in Aerospace Engineering
Research Engineer in the defense industry

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REP culture has always focused on being the pioneer, groundbreaker, explorer and experimenter. This exotic culture has pushed me out of my comfort zone countless times to try out new things. One of the major "push" that I underwent took place when I was UC Berkeley. There, students were mind-storming for their first startup ideas in their early twenties. The overseas year gave me a far more valuable lesson than what I have learnt in the past two decades of education. This was what inspired me to co-found a startup when I came back to Singapore.

The programme has given me the mindset and framework to think and act like an entrepreneur. This thought process is what is guiding me to stay on the track of my dynamic startup journey and is something that I will cherish lifelong.

                Thenmugilan Gandhy, 2015 graduate
Specialised in Aerospace Engineering
Start-up Co-founder

The holistic approach taken by REP gave me a strong foundation in engineering, finance and more importantly the soft skills needed when engaging clients. My exposure to the language of business and finance allow me to analyse the financial models of our business proposals with ease. In a nutshell, the dynamic nature of this program will wire you to accept and deal with uncertainties as a norm!


                                                                                                Nipton Lee, 2015 graduate
Specialised in Environmental Engineering
Management Associate, Business Development
Keppel District Heating and Cooling Systems

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REP not only trained my IQ and EQ, it has also increased my adversity quotient with the fast paced and varied modules. The programme has built in me three key life skills. Firstly, the overseas year honed my ability to work with multi-cultural teams, while staying independent and knowing how to charter my own direction and goals in an open environment. Secondly, the emphasis on group work improved my communication and presentation skills, which are important for me as I market my projects and goals. Thirdly, the networking opportunities that REP has provided is immensely invaluable, with mentors from industries and the university, and lifelong peers from across various specialisations.

                Hui Cheng Mun, 2015 graduate
Specialised in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Management Associate, Halliburton

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