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If you are looking for a truly unique university experience, look no further. REP has challenged me to think of a university education as much more than an accumulation of knowledge or a series of hoops to jump through. Instead, the two greatest takeaways from my REP experience were community and perspective.

As part of the REP community, I am constantly inspired by my peers. Like most people, I used my time in university to figure out my career aspirations. So I am extremely grateful to have gone through this discovery process surrounded by peers who are both passionate and capable. At REP, I met people of many kinds: makers, hackers, researchers, engineers, and even entrepreneurs at heart. By delving into a wide range of experiences, I learnt to define myself first as a software engineer and more broadly, as an engineer and problem-solver. 

The multi-disciplinary curriculum of REP has helped me to build a holistic perspective. REP has exposed me to multiple paradigms of problem-solving: from materials to computer science and from contract law to management. I am confident that these modes of thought would be useful in my career as I begin to interact with various stakeholders. Furthermore, a year-long exchange at Imperial College London in my third academic year expanded my horizons, taught me about European culture, and showed me alternate ways of living. For these reasons, I am especially grateful to the REP community, including my professors and peers, for the awesomely rewarding years.

Leow Yao Yang, 2020 graduate 
Computer Science 
Software Engineer, Facebook

At REP, one is driven to do more and become the best. I spent valuable time during the 4.5 years learning from the brightest and sharpest minds whom I have collaborated with across multi-disciplinary school projects and competitions. We worked together in a "coopetive" environment where peers openly shared information and continuously strove to outshine each other.

While the curriculum may be demanding at times, REP encourages students to go beyond and explore their passion, gain practical and unique industry experiences through overseas professional attachment and our very own Maker's Lab. Broad-based learning in the first two years allow you to build a solid foundation in various engineering disciplines and business management skills, followed by a full-year overseas exchange which some say were the best days of their REP life. Completing with a Masters in Technology Management has brought even greater credibility in my ability to both command a technical edge (engineering) and demonstrate business acumen.

In short, REP has been a highly exciting and empowering place to be in.

Poh Yong Keat , 2020 graduate
Mechanical Engineering 
Technology Strategist, Microsoft Corporation 

REP has been a defining moment in my life, a game changer which shaped me to whom I am today. The 4.5 years have been a fulfilling journey, one filled with valuable and memorable experiences.

Exposure to various fields of engineering and management through the broad-based curriculum allowed me to better appreciate the multi-dimensional nature of work. The academic rigour of the programme sparked my thirst for knowledge and spurred me to study smart and learn fast. This helped me to pick things up quickly and facilitated the transition into the new work environment in the aerospace industry, where I had limited experience and exposure.

Student life was never boring in REP, with frequent student-led initiatives to spice up university life. Multiple avenues for personal development through leadership opportunities and sharing classes helped provide a holistic education for the students.

The overseas experience was undoubtedly one of the major highlights of my university journey, one that allowed me to learn many things and grow in the process. Two semesters at University of California, Berkeley, as well as a summer internship with Boeing, were complemented with enjoyable travel trips around the US. Gaining a global perspective and understanding the privilege of education were just a few intangible outcomes of the year-long adventure.

All in all, REP has been a wonderful journey. A stepping stone into my next phase of life, REP shall always be special to me.

Oo Guolin, 2019 graduate
Mechanical Engineering 
Engineering Graduate Associate, Engineering Graduate Programme 
Pratt & Whitney

I would not trade the opportunities that REP has given me over the past few years for any other course in the world - the exposure along with the support of the community has allowed me to grow tremendously as an individual while discovering myself. The first time I felt true passion was in my first year taking part in a REP-organized inter-varsity entrepreneurship competition lasting 8 days, with teammates from the United States and Hong Kong. We eventually won second place, and I was addicted to the adrenaline and fulfillment that the experience brought in successfully solving a problem statement. 

In collaboration with teammates from REP, regardless of batch or specialisation, we went on to take part and win a variety of competitions on the tertiary, national and international level. This was only made possible by the support network of mentors, faculty and peers, and it brought a great sense of pride to fly our flag high in whatever we took part in (There is a responsibility that comes with using the name Team Renaissance). Yet beyond the prizes, what mattered most were the friendships forged and experience gained in working together toward a common vision, which remain strong even post graduation.

After an amazing year abroad at UC Berkeley I gained newfound courage to launch a startup, SURFSG Pte Ltd, with my REP batchmate Wong Song Wei and three other friends from NTU. Beyond technical knowledge, REP has given us a firm grounding in business skills including strategy, marketing, and finance. Taking care of all aspects in a business was no easy feat, but the community again provided help where we needed it most - juniors who interned as software developers or designers, and batchmates who contributed on a freelance basis. So far, we've secured and completed company-wide projects for two Multi-National Corporations, and with the experience gained Song Wei and myself are now pursuing our passions in the areas of technology and business respectively. I am thankful for the curriculum, people and opportunities that REP has given me over the past 4.5 years.    

Ang Wei Loong, 2018 graduate
 Civil Engineering 
   SURFSG, Founder

The 4.5 years in REP have been some of the best years of my life. Sharing life with a tight-knit bunch of friends from different disciplines, I have learned so much from each and every one of them. Collaborating with them has broadened my perspectives, challenged my thinking and grown me as a person. Together, we have tried new things both inside and outside of the classroom, from pitching to VCs to learning how to ski or snowboard by watching YouTube videos. 

Graduating from this broad-based, multidisciplinary engineering and technology management program, I am immensely thankful for the multiple opportunities to learn and explore, as well as the confidence it has given me in my ability to pick up new things quickly. Entering the workforce, there are many times when I feel that I don't even know what I don't know, but the REP experience has proved time and again that we can learn anything, as long as we put our heart to it and persevere. I can see the wide variety of modules culminating beautifully as different disciplines intersect in the working world - data visualisation & analytics in construction, for example, would tap on knowledge from our computing, design and civil engineering modules. Most importantly, I am thankful for this new family that I have gained - precious relationships, wonderful memories, and people who I know I can count on and continue to learn from in the years to come. 

Amber Tan Chun En, 2017 graduate
Civil Engineering 
Assistant Project  Manager 


The multi-disciplinary curriculum in REP has given me the opportunity to learn across different engineering disciplines and help me build a good foundation in business and management skills. This allows me to see things from a broader perspective especially when doing projects that involve different skillsets. Besides the broad-based learning, there are many opportunities to learn new skills and the REP community is very collaborative. The friends I met in the last 4.5 years have truly made this journey more enjoyable. Overall, REP has provided me with an all-rounded education that a university student can ask for.

Bobie Arifin, 2017 graduate
 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 
Quality Engineer
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific

REP has provided me with an intense, enriching and vibrant university life. Not only was I able to dive deep into my science and engineering interests, it also equips me with the skills to connect to the business and entrepreneurial world, while allowing me to strengthen a clearer thought process of engineering and commercial feasibility. I greatly appreciate the all-rounded education that REP offers which I believe would bring me far into my career. The 3rd year overseas experience is certainly one of my defining moments in my life where I am exposed to vast, diverse perspectives and opportunities, which I learned to believe in openness and diversity in generating innovative ideas.  

I am greatly thankful for REP for being an enabler for me to engage in vibrant hall life and capacity to pursue other non-academic interests like dance and community involvement. It is a place where I learnt the most about collaborating and empowering individuals when working in projects groups and REClub. It is also a place where I have forged many long lasting friendships. I would say it was a rollercoaster 4.5 years ride in which I have grown tremendously, and not just gaining of academic knowledge. I am very thankful for such opportunities given.  

Chew Jia Rong, 2016 graduate
 Mechanical Engineering 
Shell Graduate Program 
Reliability Engineer, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

The REP program is truly an exciting place to be in. It is where technology meets innovation, and where innovation meets real-life problems. It is where plans turn into actions; where actions turn into solutions. And it is where explorers today become discoverers tomorrow. The curriculum has sufficient breadth and depth for us to excel across many industries. Projects and activities equip us with relevant skills to take on challenges tomorrow. Our peers and mentors help us push past the barriers in our heads. And at the end of the day, the friendships forged will last a lifetime.

Leon Tan, 2016 graduate
 Materials Engineering
Crystal Growing Engineer, Siltronic Silicon Wafer


Through the multi-disciplinary curriculum offered in REP. I have gained a strong foundation in engineering and exposure to key concepts in business and management. I had a very enriching overseas experience during Year 3. Interacting with people from different cultures have broadened my perspective. My internship placement in a US aerospace company gave me the opportunity to apply concepts I had learnt in the classroom to solve real issues in an industry setting. This experience also proved useful in the later MSc modules. Having a case study I was familiar with helped me to draw parallels between theory and actual processes in the real world. In short, not only has REP allowed me to explore and pursue my interests in engineering, it also equipped me with the skills needed to tackle complex, multifaceted problems.    

Tay Jun Yang, Justin, 2016 graduate
 Mechanical Engineering
Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories


REP has taught me that engineering is not just a means of delivering optimal solutions to various problems. Engineering is also responsible for creating value that can impact society in unprecedented ways. The entrepreneurial modules from REP have equipped me with a greater awareness of the importance building capabilities that meet real needs.

With this insight and the training I've received, I venture to find the significance of what I do in the bigger scheme of things. It gives me a greater sense of purpose and ensures that the research work I do is not only done to advance technological but is also directed towards meeting the needs of customers.

Aaron Ang, 2015 graduate
Aerospace Engineering
Research Engineer in the defense industry

R1 Aaron Ang.jpg

The holistic approach taken by REP gave me a strong foundation in engineering, finance and more importantly the soft skills needed when engaging clients. My exposure to the language of business and finance allow me to analyse the financial models of our business proposals with ease. In a nutshell, the dynamic nature of this program will wire you to accept and deal with uncertainties as a norm!

Nipton Lee, 2015 graduate
 Environmental Engineering
Management Associate, Business Development
Keppel District Heating and Cooling Systems


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