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An elite programme on Educating Leaders of Tomorrow

The latest that has sounded in the first decade of this new century is global integration with its realities and challenges.  We are engaging a world that is connected multi-dimensionally - a global system of systems.  The world's business and public sector leaders of today and tomorrow need to be equipped to cope with a rapid escalation of systems-level diversity and complexity that confront them, an unprecedented level of such complexity expected indeed to accelerate in the coming years within the global environment.

This is Renaissance Engineering.  This is holistic engineering in the wake of self awareness of organised diversity.  We are making a new wave of engineers with the potential to develop into outstanding Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in a complex world.

Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP)

The REP is an integrated co-terminal engineering programme which will admit 50 elite engineering students at NTU in this flagship programme. The REP awards a dual-degree comprising Bachelor of Engineering Science degree (with specialization in a specific engineering discipline) and Master of Science in Technology Management in 4.5 years. 

The REP is an integrated, rigorous and fully residential programme with a curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary subjects bridging Engineering, Business and the Liberal Arts which includes Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering Technology Management, and interdisciplinary studies.  At the end of REP, students would have mastered all in order that REP graduates will possess the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes within the broader context of engineering science.

Why REP?

THe REP adopts a new pedagogy which exposes students to different learning paradigms including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning during the course of study.  To inculcate a holistic view of real-life issues, an integrated broad-based approach will be embedded in the curriculum drawing connections across disciplines. 

The REP undergraduate will spend one year at the University of California Berkeley, USA, our first collaborating university partner for this flagship programme.  REP students will be able to subsribe to the two highly popular courses in offering unique to UC Berkeley, in addition to an Industrial Orientation programme in Silicon Valley with Berkeley's assistance.  This one-year oversea experience will enhance students' learning experience and equip them with a global outlook in preparation for work life.

The REP will be a major inter-college collaboration on an education programme of national prominence. We are onto making creative, dextrous and outstanding Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow.