Admission Interview Process

Interview Format

Applicants will be shortlisted to go through interview in the format of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). Since 2016, the MMI approach has been adopted as the format to ensure fairness among applicants. In addition to the MMI, applicants also participate in a group teambuilding exercise. 

To understand the MMI process better, please go through these MMI FAQs and watch this video​​



1. What are Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)?
MMIs consist of a series of short, structured interview stations. Applicants who are shortlisted for MMI undergo four mini interviews, each lasting five minutes. MMIs are conducted by the faculty involved in the REP.
2. What does the MMI assess?
MMIs are used to assess applicants' non-cognitive qualities including teamwork, communication skills and ethical decision-making
3. Why does the REP adopt the MMI approach since 2016?
The MMI approach is a more effective approach than the traditional interview format where an applicant faces one interviewer or a panel of interviewers. In the MMI format, applicants go through different stations and the interviewer at each station assesses the applicants on specific qualities using a specific scenario. This format is considered a fairer approach and applicants are less stressful during the interview process. REP is the first engineering programme within NTU to adopt this format since 2016.
Preparing for MMI
4. What do I need to bring for the MMI? Do I need to bring my academic certificates along?

You need only bring along a copy of your NRIC for identification purpose. There is no need to bring any certificates to the interview.
5. What is the dress code for the MMI?

You should dress appropriately and smartly for the MMI.
6. How can I prepare for the MMI?
You should remain calm, and focus on the interview questions that are posed to you at the different stations.
7. How long does the entire MMI process take? 
The MMI session lasts approximately two and a half hours as the applicants have to undergo several activities as shown below. All applicants have to go through the entire programme.
8. What type of questions/topics can I expect at the four stations?
As the MMI is intended to assess specific qualities of the applicants, there will be a different scenario at each station. Questions will be based on the scenario during the MMI.
9. Can I reschedule the interview if I am unable to attend the MMI due to National Service confinement or serving the National Service overseas?

If you are not able to attend due to National Service, you may wish to inform the REP Admissions Team prior to the interview date. The interview can be rescheduled as long as there are other available dates.
10. Is it possible to do a skype interview as I am serving my National Service overseas and will not be back in time during the admission interview period?
As there are various components involved in the MMI process, applicants will need to be present for the MMI interviews and participate in a teambuilding activity on a group basis.

Actual Day of MMI
11. What can I expect when I arrive for the MMI on the actual day?
12. How many interviewers will be involved in the MMI?
There will be one interviewer at each station. There will be another interviewer at the teambuilding activity to assess the applicants on how they work within the teams.
13. How long am I given to read the scenario and the interview at each station?
You will be given two minutes to read the scenario at each station and five minutes for the interview at each station. There will be no extension of time and every applicant is given the same amount of time to complete the interview.
14. How is the scoring done for the MMI?

There will be a score given for each applicant at each of the four stations and the teambuilding activity. These are then added to derive an overall score for each applicant.  
Interview Outcome
15. When will I be informed of the outcome?
MMI are usually held in March and April each year. As there will be several rounds of MMI during this period, you will be informed of the outcome latest by the end of April/early May.

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