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​IC2 initiative by Makers Lab​

Published on: 23-Mar-2017

Project LAD, in partnership with iC2 PrepHouse: 

About the project: In August 2016, a student initiative was launched in partnership with iC2 PrepHouse, an aftercare centre that aims to prepare visually impaired children for an independent and fulfilling future. Recognising that teaching aids used in lessons were often expensive and hard to come by, the students from Makers Lab saw an opportunity to use their design and engineering skills for a good cause. Over a period of six months, teaching aids were developed that were customised to impart useful and essential skills to students with complete blindness. Through iterations of prototyping and field testing, the team successfully completed four end-products which were handed over to iC2 PrepHouse for use in their future lessons.

REP Students: Ho Jia Jun, Theodore Teo, Jia Rong, Lim Hui Min, Leon Tan, Sudswong Nath, Low Chang Hong, Tan Shu Ni, Leow Yao Yang, Zhou Ming Yang, Chan Shao Mun, Kong Fang Ning


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