CresPion (Crescent and Pioneer) Halls

​​The CresPion cluster of halls comprises Crescent and Pioneer Halls. Both halls work together on their residential education programmes, delivering the four themed programmes you see here.


For experimenting with various engineering and hard science concepts/applications and translating them into physical products/inventions that may provide solutions to everyday challenges. 
The Studio


For dabbling in visual art such as photography, videography, graphics and painting, tactile art such as clay craft and woodwork, as well as creative writing and communication/multi-media documentation.
The Kitchen


For exploration of the various sciences/arts associated with a "good eating experience" e.g. by developing recipes, fermenting beer and cheese, growing herbs and mushrooms, designing table-settings and sugar/chocolate crafts. 
For providing residents with an opportunity to be involved in service learning initiatives with the aim to contribute back to the CresPion community, NTU community and potentially, the community around NTU and Singapore.  Initiatives include the creation of a GiveBack Day to refurbish homes within the local community and collaborating with other learning spaces to coordinate smaller GiveBack events and activities including, but not limited to, weekly visits to local charitable organizations, the creation of resources for use by the local community, and regular communication between GiveBack and other learning spaces. 


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