Why Join NTU?


There is more than one reason for joining NTU.  Here are the 'Top Four' :-


Reason #1  Challenging Work

Be it academic, research or administration, there is no dull moment once you become a member of the NTU or Nanyang community.  You will be inspired by our diverse range of portfolios, exciting inter-disciplinary collaborations and engaging initiatives aimed at achieving the University's vision and mission.    


Reason #2  Market-Competitive Total Rewards

Our remuneration is competitive.  You will be compensated on the basis of total rewards which include base salary, performance bonus and merit increment, as well as an attractive suite of benefits and a welfare program.  The suite of benefits include a flexible benefits scheme or FlexBen@NTU, a comprehensive range of leave types such as vacation, medical and sabbatical leave and, where necessary, relocation assistance among others.  FlexBen@NTU provides you with insurance and medical coverage and is specially tailored to meet the different needs of NTU members.  We regularly conduct benchmarking of our total rewards, rewards strategies and programs.


Reason #3   Valuable Work-Life Balance

We understand the value of providing work-life balance for our members.  Our family-friendly environment, flexible benefits and comprehensive welfare program help members manage work responsibilities, care for their families and fulfil their personal commitments.


Reason #4   Great Teamwork

One of the University's values is teamwork.  And our members live this value at work.  You will find a collegial, conducive and supportive workplace where you can bring your energy and enthusiasm to work every day.  



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