Research Fellow (Signal Processing, Applied Statistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems)

Position Description:

Recent development of vehicular networking has revealed great potential for both traffic and communication simulation frameworks. However, many of the Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) traffic applications still use (unrealistic) error-free vehicular communication to change the trajectories of the simulated vehicles.  At the same time, most of the V2X communication applications utilize offline traces of the vehicles to evaluate the performance of various communication and network protocols. Therefore, the simulation of a fully integrated V2X scenario remains a challenge. In this project, we aim to develop a realistic V2X simulation models for both small and medium network in Singapore. First, we will build V2V model for NTU campus (small network). Next we will extend it to larger area in Singapore (e.g., Jurong). For each scenario, we will build the traffic model and communication network model. We will use mobility simulator to accurately emulate the driver and infrastructure (e.g., traffic signals) behavior. Similarly, we will utilize communication simulator to realistically imitate the important V2X communications factors, such as propagation models, fading models and frequency spectrum, which may affect the protocol and network performances. For each tested scenario, we will integrate mobility and communication simulators. Integrated simulation framework will be able to efficiently and dynamically transfer the data between the mobility and communication components while the simulation is running. In that way, we will be able to accurately assess the performance of various communication and network protocols such as network routing and broadcasting, 3D positioning, MIMO antennas, security, as well as to evaluate advanced V2X traffic operations. In addition, integrated simulator will allow varying the hardware and equipment parameters such as NXP/Cohda RoadLINK™ chipset to study its performance.

More specifically, in this project we have the following aims:

  • Develop the V2X simulator for NTU campus. Traffic and communication models for NTU campus will be developed and accurately inter-linked.
  • Explore the traffic and communication network performance through different applications of integrated V2X model for NTU campus area. Assess the impact of hardware and equipment parameters using the built simulator.
  • Develop the integrated V2X simulator for part of Singapore (Jurong area). Developed simulator will involve the properly calibrated traffic and communication models.
  • Explore the performance of integrated V2X model for various communication and network protocols as well as advanced traffic operations.
  • Writing technical documents and user guides.


The research fellow will assist in conducting this research, writing journal publications, and preparing grant applications.

Job Requirements:

The candidate should have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Statistics.

Required skills include signal processing, scientific programming, combinatorial optimization, application development - SDLC, Visual C++/C#, SQL, GIS application development, networking protocols FTP, TCP/IP, machine learning & data modelling, intelligent transportation systems design

Application Procedure:

IInterested applicants may send his/her CV and supporting information to:

Asst Prof Justin Dauwels
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue
Block S2.2
Singapore 639798

E-mail Address for E-mailed Applications:

Electronic submission of application is highly encouraged.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified for interview. Application closes when the positions are filled.

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