Research Fellow (Image-Video Processing, Digital IC Design, FPGA Design)

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Job Description & Specifications

Research Fellow on Real-time High-speed Imaging Systems

Responsible for design and implement object tracking algorithm onto FPGA-based hardware for high speed vision system. The image sensor is a special type of event-based sensor designed by NTU, Conventional image sensor without on-chip computation capability will produce massive amounts of primitive and redundant image data. Transmitting and processing of these raw data consumes a lot of bandwidth and power. Moreover, with increasing spatial and coding resolutions for image sensor, such issues become even worse in multi-sensor network applications. 

NTU has designed an image sensor that allows high-speed pixel parallel motion detection at the focal plane and combines address event representation. Each pixel in the sensor can individually monitor the change in light intensity and reports an event if a threshold are reached. The output of the sensor is not a frame, but a stream of asynchronous digital events. 

The target embedded system should collect and process the sensor data in real-time, comparable to conventional sensor that runs at more than 10, 000 frames/second. The system should be composed of a low power microcontroller, FPGA and memory only.

The specific research position involves hardware/software co-processing of real-time sensor data from a custom designed image sensor. The project will go through a few design phases, including algorithm verification, architecture implementation, simulation and testing. Specific position duties will include but not limited to:

  • Understanding and design new object tracking algorithms\
  • Design hardware-software architecture
  • Implementation,  debugging and testing



  • PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Experience in image processing: familiar with object feature extraction/matching, target segmentation/tracking
  • Experience in high speed FPGA-based data processing: familiar with FPGA-based data path design, on-FPGA memory organization,  parallel algorithm and structure in FPGA
  • Experience in vision system development: familiar with image sensor properties, vision system setup and evaluation method.
  • Strong knowledge of digital ASIC/ FPGA, clock and timing.
  • Proficiency in co-working project development with third-party designers


Application Procedure:

Interested candidates please send your CV/resume to:
Prof CHEN Shoushun
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue
Block S2.1
Singapore 639798

E-mail Address for E-mailed Applications:
Electronic submission of application is highly encouraged.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview.

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