What are the fire hazards and how to prevent them ?

Negligence and indifference are major causes of fire occurrences. The occurrence of fire will result, in some severe circumstances, in fatalities, bodily injuries, business and/or financial losses, job losses, environmental damages and asset ruins. Hence, fire is not something trivial that any responsible human should neglect.






Do NOT overload electrical outlet with too many plugs.






Use authority approved type of plugs and extension cords. Total appliances current consumption should not exceed the approved rating of one socket outlet.


Do NOT obstruct fire exit and escape passageways.


All fire exits and escape passageways shall be free from obstruction.


Smoking is prohibited in the campus.


Comply with NO SMOKING rules.



Do NOT wedge the fire door open.


All fire door shall be kept closed at all times.


Do NOT use the Electrical or M&E Riser compartments as storage areas.


All goods are to be kept in their appropriate storage area.


Do NOT use frayed electrical cable.


Ensure all electrical cable is well insulated and maintained.


Do NOT let unwanted items accumulate in your work area.


Unwanted items shall be removed and disposed in

the authorised dumping site


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