Movies Screening at NEC
Movie Screening at NEC

The Bicycle Thieves
Date of Screening: 13-Apr-11
About the Movie: It is an Italian film that was considered the greatest film of all time, by the magazine Sight & Sound's poll of filmmakers and critics back in 1952. In the aftermath of World War II, depression-hit Italy has few available jobs for its people. Antonio Ricci, a poor young father, was delighted when he lands a job after two years of unemployment.

The Seventh Sign
Date of Screening: 25-Aug-11
About the Movie: Ingmar Bergman's landmark art classic, this movie established him as a world renowned director.

Roman Holiday
Date of Screening: 8-Sep-11
About the Movie: This movie by director William Wyler is well-known for its portrayal of the cultural delights of the Eternal City and was nominated for 11 Academy Awards.

12 Angry Men
Date of Screening: 20-Sep-11
About the Movie: Adapted from a teleplay of the same name, the classic film tells the story of 12 men acting as jurors deliberating the guilt or acquittal of a defendant in a criminal trial on basis of reasonable doubt. 

Project A
Date of Screening: 13-Oct-11
About the Movie: Jackie Chan directs and stars in this classic Chinese movie. Set in 1900s old Hong Kong, Chan is a young sailor assigned to track down and capture vicious pirates that roam the coastline. However, the pirates attack the navy first and the boats are destroyed.

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