NTU Sports and Recreation Centre

Next to the Nanyang Executive Centre is the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre. Guests may get to enjoy a wide array of sport facilities such as an Olympic-sized Swimming Pool, Outdoor Running Track, Tennis Courts and Gymnasium.

NTU Sports and Recreation Centre

4 Badminton Courts
4 Table Tennis Tables
2 Gymnasiums (Cardio/Weight)
4 Activity Rooms
3 Multipurpose Sports Halls


1 50m Swimming Pool
1 Wading Pool




1 8-lane, 400m Running Track
1 Football Field
3 Multipurpose Fields
3 Basketball Courts
6 Tennis Courts
2 Sepak Takraw Courts
1 Street Soccer Court
5 Multipurpose Courts
4 Squash Courts
1 Archery Range
1 Cricket Practice Pitch
Please note charges may apply for the above facilities.
Please visit NTU Sports and Recreation Centre for more details.
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