Paper marbling art started as early as 12th century in Japan. It was introduced in Turkey, Persia (Iran) and India in 15th century, and Europe in 16th century.

Marbling art involves creating patterns and designs with tools like brushes, bamboo skewers, rakes and combs on floating paints on viscous liquid. Each dip of the tool creates a beautiful pattern and an abstract work of art.

Join NTU Museum and Artefakts in our workshop, From Paints to Prints. Discover the history of paper marbling art and learn different techniques of creating marbling patterns. Create your unique prints. Frame your art or use it as a notebook cover!
Workshop details:
Date: 26 October 2017, Thursday
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: LHS TR +40 @ The Hive

This workshop is free and is open to the NTU Community.
Registration is now closed.
For all enquiries, email: ntumuseum@ntu.edu.sg

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Image credit: Artefakts ​​