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Group learning is required more and more. The LWN Learning Commons is designed to support and enhance group learning. Students can work together using various configurations of computers and equipment.
The Commons consists of:
1.   Learning Pods (2 configurations)
2.   Multimonitor and Touchscreen PC Workstations
3.   Recording Room
4.   Video Wall
5.   Digital newspapers

1.  Learning Pods
There are 6 Learning Pods in the Commons. 
• Learning Pods Nos. 1 to 3 are behind the IT Help Desk and are equipped with 42-inch LCD monitors. 
• Learning Pods Nos 4 to 6 are next to the Recording Room and are equipped with 48-inch interactive whiteboards or SMART Boards.

The Learning Pods are all equipped with PCs. Together with either the LCD monitor or SMART Board they provide enlarged screens for group discussions or mock presentations. Each Learning Pod also comes with a conventional whiteboard for writing or drawing.

2.  Multimonitor and Touchscreen PC Workstations
The PC workstations are available in 3 configurations:​ 
•   2-screen (4 stations) 
•   3-screen (4 stations)  
•   Touch screen (3 stations)
The multimonitors will provide a bigger screen surface and the option to open up more applications all at one go. The PC workstations are equipped with ‘Pinnacle’ software for video editing. 

3.  Recording Room

This is at the end of the Commons and which will provides students with a small enclosed space to engage in small scale audio or video recording, quickly and conveniently. The Recording Room is equipped with AV recording equipment, a green screen and chroma key software for professional looking videos or simple high quality podcasts.

4.  Video wall

The wall is in between the two banks of Learning Pods. The video wall comprises four 46-inch LCD monitors. This wall provides a common area to explore many of the digital resources and facilities provided by the Library. Eight sound domes suspended from the ceiling project sound from the video wall to the seats below and minimize sound spillage into other areas.

5.  Digital newspapers

There are 3 digital newspaper readers at the Commons. The LCD screens are interactive,
allowing users to flip pages and browse digital editions of newspapers.

User Guidelines & Booking

  1. Users should conduct themselves in a responsible manner when using the facilities.
  2. The Learning Pods should be used for collaborative learning / group discussion/mock presentation.
  3. The Recording Room should be used for the audio-visual recording of presentations .
  4. Book the Learning Pods, Recording Room and PC stations online through the Library Facilities Booking system. Bookings are not transferable to another person or group.
  5. Take care when using the equipment. Report any equipment found damaged or which malfunctions to the SA IT Helpdesk.
  6. For safety reasons the Recording Room can accommodate a maximum of  6 users.
  7. The library reserves the right to interrupt or cancel any meeting or discussion that interferes with library operations.
  8. Recreational games are not permitted.
  9. Only drinks in covered containers (b​ottles, cups with lids, etc) are permitted.
  10. Litter should be removed.
  11. Sleepers may be asked to leave the area. 
  12. Do not leave valuables or notebooks unattended.


To Book

(Note: Please login through VPN if you are accessing the Facilities Booking System outside campus.)


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