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​Subject guides are information resources organised by subject or topics. They can serve as quick guides or introduction to finding relevant information on a given topic.

The guides listed are created and compiled by NTU subject librarians. Let us know if there are topics that you would like us to compile a guide on.

Resource Guides 
Engineering & ScienceArts, Humanities & Social SciencesBusiness
4G Networks Feasibility Study in Singapore

Aerospace Engineering

Biological Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Biological Sciences

Bunker Fuel (Maritime Studies)

Chemical & Biomedical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Communication Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Database Systems


Electric Power

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Microbiology


Flight (Aerospace Engineering)

Fluid Mechanics

Green Urban Development and Green Buildings

Integrated Circuits and Systems

Linear Algebra

Maritime Studies

Materials Science & Engineering


Mechanical Engineering



Molecular and Cellular Biology


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Nuclear Power

Organic Chemistry

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Real Analysis (Mathematics)

Real Time Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Smartphone Operating Systems (iOS and Android)

Sustainability (Environment)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

American Literature


Art History

Asian Cinema

Cataloguing and Classification Tools & Guides

Chinese Linguistics

Chinese Overseas

Chinese Studies

Cinema Studies

Communication Research

Communication Research – An Introduction

Conservation Psychology

Contemporary China


Developmental Psychology

Discourse Analysis (Linguistics)


English Language Reference Materials

English Linguistics

English Literature

Elections and the Media in Singapore

Film Festivals


Homosexuality and the Media in Singapore

ICT for Development

Islamic World (History)


Journalism in the Movies

Journalism Research

Library and Information Science

Measurement and Scaling for Communication Research

Media Arts

Michael Freeman (Photography)

Mobile Phone Research (Communication Research)


Primatology (Psychology)


Public & Promotional Communication

Romanticism (English Literature)


Shipwreck Archaeology

Singapore Crime Statistics

Singapore Economy



Victorian Literature


Agency Problems (Banking)

Banking & Finance

Business Ethics

Business IT & Operations Management

Business Law & Taxation

Business News

Company Law

Corporate Financial Theorems

Execution (Management)

Information Technology – An Introduction


Management Accounting


Marketing Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

Social Media and Information Goods

Sustainable Business and Information Technology

Guides in Chinese

如何查找中文工具书 How to Use Reference Works​

词类 - 虚词 Part of Chinese Speech - Particles

中国软实力 China Soft Power

中国学术与士人 Chinese Academy and Intellectuals

中俄关系 Sino-Russian Relations

中美关系 United States - China Relations “Chimerica”/ “Chinamerica” (“中美国”)

中文学术资讯分类 Chinese Academic Resources Categories

新加坡华人 Singapor​ean Chinese

新加坡华人会馆 Singapore Chinese Clan Associations



Topic GuidesStep by Step Guides

Citation Style for Chemistry and Biological Chemistry 

Citation Styles for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Resources for Postgraduate Students in Chemistry

Searching Images Online

Singapore Budget

Singapore Demographic Statistics

Understanding Legal Citations

Writing Academic Papers and Avoiding Plagiarism

Accessing Routledge Handbook of Health Communication (EBL e-book)

Searching for EEE Standards

Submission Procedures for ADM Final Year Projects (Group)

Submission Procedures for ADM Final Year Projects (Individual)

Where can I get Analyst Reports? (Accounting)

User Guide for Coloribus – Global Advertising ​Archive

User Guide for Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science​




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