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DR-NTU (Digital Repository - NTU)

DR-NTU is the University’s institutional repository.  This repository collects the intellectual output of staff and students with the aim of preserving them for future use and reference.  DR-NTU is implemented as two access versions, DR-NTU (Open Access) and DR-NTU (Restricted Access).

DR-NTU (Open access) focuses primarily on collecting conference papers and journal articles by NTU faculty & researchers for which publishers permit self archiving in open access repositories. Please refer to the submission procedures for more information.

DR-NTU (Restricted access) comprise student submissions such as theses, work attachment reports and final year project reports that require user authentication to access the full text.  NTU staff and students need to login with their NTU network account.  For submissions to this repository, please note that we are collecting only full text documents. Students submitting their final year project reports or theses are advised to refer to the submission procedures for more instructions.

Collections in DR-NTU (Restricted access)

We accept the full-text of the following categories. The collection is from 1982 onwards but is not complete. We have an ongoing project to do retrospective digitisation. 

TYPE (full-text only)



Applied Research Projects (ARPs) ALL ​Received through Research Support Office (RSO)

Final Year Projects (FYPs)


We have self submissions (full text) by students to DR-NTU through arrangements with the individual schools.

Industrial Attachment Reports (IA/PA/PI) ALL

Received through Career Attachment Office (CAO).



Self submissions by students to DR-NTU through arrangements with Schools / Graduate Studies Office (GSO).

* For clarification, please email us. 


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