Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) is a service provided by the Library for NTU faculty, staff and students to access digitised videos on the intranet. This service can be accessed on computers or mobile devices anywhere with a working internet connection.

Request a title (for teaching staff)

Videos are excellent materials for education from which students can better understand complex theories or carry out learning in an engaging way. By requesting a Video on Demand (VOD) title, students can then access the video conveniently.

Requesting a VOD title

  • Send us your request with the following details:
    - Course name and course code
    - Semester details (e.g. AY 14/15, semester 1)
    - Number of students enrolled in the course

  • We will arrange for the necessary copyright clearance and obtain digital licensing rights before putting on the server

For technical issues, please contact us.
* Please note that the videos are best viewed with Internet Explorer. To view in Chrome, go to settings (chrome://settings/content), copy the URL to the sites so that Flash content can be enabled/viewed.

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