Found a useful article online or e-book but unable to access the full text? Someone sent you a link but it only brings you to the abstract?

For NTU Staff/Students and other authorized users, NTU Library provides 2 tools to access the full text:

  • Library Access Extension - A desktop browser extension which shows a popup on webpages and indicates if the e-resource is subscribed by NTU Library, whether it can be accessed elsewhere and provides further guidance if needed.
  • Full Text @NTU Library Bookmark - A desktop/mobile browser bookmark which allows users to easily click through to e-resources if subscribed by NTU Library.

For more information about how to use the respective tools, simple click on the respective tabs below

Note: Final access to Full Text is still limited by the user group. NTU Staff/Students would have access to all subscribed e-resources while other groups would have more limited access.

  • Library Access Extension

  • ​Full Text @NTU Library Bookmark

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