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    NTU Library provides seamless access to Information, Knowledge and Library services which support the learning, teaching and research needs of users from Nanyang Technological University Singapore. It comprises seven subject libraries managed by the Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services. NTU Library is constantly evolving itself to engage the university’s students, faculty and researchers to find collaborators, discover new ideas, utilise research support, share findings and showcase their work. As a hub that engages users and connects with their interests, it sets out to be a testbed for new ideas, concepts, innovation and technologies.

    The NTU Library is guided by the University Library Committee (ULC) in charting its overall direction and alignment with the University’s strategic plans.

    Lee Wee Nam Library

    Highlights: Collaborative learning spaces is organized in zones wherein students can connect, create and/or communicate their work, see more. There are also spaces for the use of high-end computers, Level 5 quiet zone and recording room.

    Collections: A wide range of materials on engineering and science

    About the library: NTU's flagship library, named in recognition of a generous donation by the family of the late Mr Lee Wee Nam, the windows seats at Level 5 overlook our green campus and have excellent views all the way to the Straits of Johor.

    Tel: (65) 6790 5776 | MapMap

    Art, Design & Media Library

    Highlights: Open study spaces, cinema room and individual AV viewing stations.

    Visual arts, architecture, drawing, design, illustration, painting, photography and a strong collection of AV materials.

    About the library: An open-concept library, it is an ideal place for artistic people to find inspiration and get creative.

    Tel: (65) 6513 7631 | MapMap

    Business Library

    Highlights: Collaborative spaces, silent study spaces, cinema room, business lounge, boardroom, language learning facilities and career research materials.

    Collections: Accounting, banking, business law, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality management, international business, management, marketing and strategy.

    About the library: Emulating a modern business environment, the Business Library encourages learning through technology.

    Tel: (65) 6790 5210 | MapMap

    Chinese Library

    Highlights: Rare thread-bound books which include Kangxi Dictionary, Imperial Collection of Four and more.

    Chinese language materials covering Chinese Literature, history, philosophy, religion, linguistics, politics, economy, sociology and management science.

    About the library: It is a small but welcoming library popular with users from across the campus wishing to access Chinese language materials.

    Tel: (65) 6316 8951 | MapMap

    Communication & Information Library

    Highlights: A wonderful archive of final year projects by communication students.

    Collections: Advertising, broadcasting, communication research, information studies, journalism, library science, media law and ethics, public relations and related topics.

    About the library: It is conveniently located within the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

    Tel: (65) 6790 6927 | MapMap

    Humanities & Social Sciences Library

    Highlights: Look for the Singapore Collection and Singapore Literature Collection near the entrance of the library to discover resources and books relating to Singapore.

    Collections: Psychology, sociology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy and public administration.

    About the library: Facing a gentle green slope, it offers a setting that is conducive for reading and reflection.

    Tel: (65) 6513 8226 | MapMap

    ​Library Outpost

    Casual sitting spaces and a diverse audio-visual collection.

    Collections: Audio-visual collection and Course Reserves for HSS and NBS.

    About the library: The Library Outpost is nestled on Level 1 of the iconic Hive. Unlike subject libraries which support in-depth disciplinary research, the Outpost promotes general learning.


    Note: The Outpost is not a full service library. For research assistance, please contact us.

    Tel: (65) 6790 5776 | MapMap

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