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Title: Innovative Ways of Creating New Space for Singapore

Speakers: Dr Chu Jian and Prof Tan Kang Hai

Date: 26 April 2019, Friday

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Venue: Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

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​The Looming Battle in E-Commerce – Online or Offline?”

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatchvideo of talk >> E-commerce


Dr Vijay Sethi

Professor, Department of Information Technology & Operations Management, Nanyang Business School 


​29 Mar 2019
​19.Geopolitical and Geoeconomics Trends:
What Lies Ahead for Singapore?”
Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatchvideo of talk >> Geo


Prof Joseph Chinyong Liow
Dean, College of Humanities,
Arts, and Social Sciences,
Professor of Comparative and International Politics, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies


​22 Feb 2019
18.​​Environmental Sustainability in World's Fastest Growing Regions: Challenges and Opportunities for Water and Waste Management

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatchvideo of talk >> Environment

 LCEO Monthly Talk Series 020dc.jpg
Dr. Shane Snyder

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Executive Director of Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI)

​31 Jan 2019
​17.​Entrepreneur - Can I Be One and How to Identify Business Opportunities

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatchvideo of talk >> Entrepreneur

 LCEO _Did You Know_ Monthly Talk Series (30 November 2018) 0044dc.jpg
​Dr Hooi Den Huan

Associate Professor in Marketing, Nanyang Business School
LCEO _Did You Know_ Monthly Talk Series (30 November 2018) 0036dc.jpg

​30 Nov 2018
16.From Mythology to Artificial Intelligence

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> AI

LCEO Monthly Talk Series (26102018) 0002dc.jpg

Professor Nadia Thalmann
Director,  Interdisciplinary Institute for Media Innovation
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​26 Oct 2018
​15.​Cutting-Edge Technologies Geared for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> 4th IR

LCEO Monthly Talk Series (28 September 2018) 0066dc.jpg

Professor Louis Phee

Dean, College of Engineering

LCEO Monthly Talk Series (28 September 2018) 0045dc.jpg

​28 Sep 2018
​14.​False Online Information: What Is New From Research And What Can We Do About It?Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Fake News

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​Professor Ang Peng Hwa (WKWSCI)

Assistant Professor Edson C. Tandoc. Jr (WKWSCI)

Mr Benjamin Ang (CENS, RSIS)

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​31 Aug 2018

​​“Doing Good with the Small" - Microbes in Environmental Protection and RemediationVideo-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >>  Microbes

LCEO Monthly Talk Series at NTU12dc.jpg

Professor Ng Wun Jern

Professor and Principal Lead, Environmental Bio-innovations Group (EBiG), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

LCEO Monthly Talk Series at NTU22dc.jpg

27 Jul 2018

​Robots are taking over human jobs - what should you do to future-proof yours?

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Robots

LCEO Monthly Talk Series 0057qh.jpg

​Professor Ang Wei Tech

Associate Chair (Research), School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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​29 Jun 2018

​Bitcoin and Beyond – The World of Cryptocurrencies

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Crypto 

LCEO Monthly Talk at NTU 067ky.jpg

​Dr Sourav Sen Gupta

Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Engineering

LCEO Monthly Talk at NTU 080ky.jpg

25 May 2018
​10.Uninterrupted Sitting is the New Smoking: How Does This Sit with You?

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Health

 LCEO Monthly Talk wa 00139.JPG

Professor Michael Chia

Professor of Paediatric Exercise Science, National Institute of Education

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​27 Apr 2018

​Educational Response to Disruptive Technology in Finance

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> FinTech

LCEO Monthly Talks wa 00195.JPG 

​Professor Lee Boon Keng

Associate Professor in Banking and Finance, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

Dr. Rohan Mahadevan

Senior Vice President, PayPal, Asia Pacific

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29 Mar 2018

​The 5Cs of 3D Printing - Chocolate, Cells, Concrete, Circuits and Copper

 Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> 3D Printing

LCEO Monthly Talk at NTU 151qh.jpg

​Professor Chua Chee Kai

Executive Director, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing

LCEO Monthly Talk at NTU 088qh - Copy.jpg

​23 Feb 2018

​Managing for Success: Some Perspectives for Personal & Corporate Applications

LCEO Monthly Talk Series 068ml.jpg 

Professor C H Wee

Head, Division of Marketing and International Business, Nanyang Business School

LCEO Monthly Talk Series 092ml.jpg

25 Jan 2018

​"Uberising" Health Coaching: An Answer to Just-in-Time, Bite-Sized and Affordable Eldercare?

​Professor Theng Yin Leng

Acting Executive Director, Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education 

21 Dec 2017
​5.Explorations in Confucian Philosophy

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Confucianism

Professor Alan Chan

Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 

22 Nov 2017

​New Drugs for Old Diseases - The Challenges of Overcoming Drug Resistance

Professor Peter Preiser

Chair, School of Biological Sciences

​27 Oct 2017

 中药 、针灸和饮食起居对失智者的防护

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> TCM 

​29 Sep 2017
​Unmasking the Invisible Threat of Diabetes

Video-Recorder-PNG-Picture.pngWatch video of talk >> Diabetes

​Asst Professor Yusuf Ali

Assistant Professor of Metabolic Disease and Lead for Practicals, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

25 Aug 2017
The Sustainability of Singapore and Its Neighbors in the Face of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and a Changing Climate 
Professor Kerry Sieh

Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore

​27 Jul 2017


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