In recent years, ideas from topology, a branch of mathematics dealing with the properties of space that are preserved under continuous deforming such as stretching and bending, have rapidly infiltrated physics and drive both theoretical and experimental efforts into the study of new exotic materials. Topological phase transitions involving vortices that appear at critical temperatures in thin superconductors, superfluids or magnets have provided immense insight into the mechanism of some physical systems. Moreover, these topological properties remain stable even if the system is subject to perturbations.  An example of the application of such robustness to perturbations is the search for encoding information in quantum computers, providing the platform for fault-tolerant quantum computation.


In the past three decades, the discovery of topological phases has not only engendered great interest among researchers in condensed matter physics but it has also attract the interest of researchers working on quantum information, quantum materials and simulations, high energy physics and string theory. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on various aspects of topological phases and topological phase transitions.  



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