Jointly Organized by

Institute of Advanced Studies @ NTU Singapore

Department of Physics, NUS


Supported by

Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS

South East Asia Theoretical Physics Association

Institute of Physics, Singapore

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics


Quantum Information Science is one of the most dynamic areas of inter-disciplinary research involving a wide range of scientists ranging from physicists to computer scientists to mathematicians and engineers. The fundamental observation in this field is that any computation is essentially a physical process. The current relentless drive towards increasing speed and miniaturization of computers will eventually lead the computer industry into a molecular/atomic domain where seemingly strange quantum behavior takes over from familiar classical notions. Quantum physics offers an entirely new form of computational parallelism that will make quantum computers more powerful than conventional computers by many orders of magnitude.

The first Asia-Pacific Workshop on Quantum Information Sciences was organized for the first time in Singapore in 2001. Since then, the workshop and conference have been held at various places in Taiwan, Korea, Australia and China. The workshop will provide an opportunity for the international scientific community to discuss the recent experimental and theoretical developments in all aspects of quantum information science, and the program comprises invited talks and poster presentation.

This workshop will also be held in conjunction with a Festchrift for Prof Vladimir Korepin. 


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