Welcome to the Conference on 90 Years of Quantum Mechanics, to be held in Singapore from the 23 to 26 January 2017!

The years 1925-27 were unique in the history of physics. In the span of only a few years a lot of the modern quantum mechanics was born and quickly matured. From the first paper by Werner Heisenberg in the summer of 1925 over the long series of papers by Erwin Schrödinger in 1926 and the remarkable paper also in 1926 by Max Born where the statistical nature of quantum mechanics was established, the revolution's first stage was completed in 1927 with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. All these developments were summed up in the perhaps most famous physics conference ever, the fifth Solvay conference "Electrons and Photons" in Brussels in 1927. All seventeen out of the twenty-nine participants were or were to be Nobel laureates.

This conference celebrates this magnificent journey that started 90 years ago. Quantum physics mechanics has during this period developed in leaps and bounds and this conference will be devoted to the progress of quantum mechanics since then. It aims to show how universal quantum mechanics is penetrating all of basic physics. Another aim of the conference is to highlight how quantum mechanics is at the heart of most modern science applications and technology.

The conference will bring together the leading experts in the world in most of the basic fundamental fields of physics but also students and delegates from the public. It will serve as an interaction platform for students, researchers and other participants to keep abreast of the current scientific trends in these fast growing areas of physics and technology.

We warmly invite you to actively take part in the Conference!

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