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                                                                                                                                  Video Playlist

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Day 01    
Gerard 't HooftHow Quantum Mechanics Modifies the Space-Time of a Black Hole
James HartleQuantum Mechanics and Cosmology
Anthony LeggettRealism Versus Quantum Mechanics: Implications of Some Recent Experiments
Viatcheslav MukhanovThe Quantum Universe
David GrossQuantum Mechanics and Its Discontents
Stuart ParkinSpin Orbitronics for Advanced Magnetic Memories
Michael Graetzel The Fascinating World and First Applications of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Day 02  
Thibault DamourMotion of Binary Black Holes
Alexander VilenkinQuantum Cosmology and the Beginning of the Universe
Lars BrinkMaximally Supersymmetric Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, Supergravity and Superstrings
Hermann NicolaiQuantum Supergravity and Unification
Yakir AharonovOn the Two-Vector Approach to Quantum Mechanics
Tatsu TakeuchiQuantum Theory of Biorthogonal Systems
Matthew FisherAre We Quantum Computers, or Merely Clever Robots?
Day 03  
Boris Altshuler Quantum Mechanics in Thermodynamic Limit
Shoucheng ZhangDiscovery of the Chiral Majorana Fermion
Qikun Xue Quantization of the Anomalous Hall Effect
Hideo OhnoSpin on Integrated Circuits: An Emerging Field of Spintronics
Peter ZollerSynthetic Quantum Matter with Cold Atoms and Ions
Ignacio CiracQuantum Information Perspective of Many-Body Quantum Physics
Immanuel BlochProbing and Controlling Quantum Matter Using Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices
Day 04  
Arieh Warshel QM/MM and Other Strategies for Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Processes in Condensed Phases and in Large Biological Molecules
Rudolph MarcusQuantum Mechanics and Chemical Reaction Rates, 1928 and Counting
Per DelsingStudying Quantum Vacua using Superconducting Circuits
Jiangfeng DuQuantum Control of Spins in Solids and Its Applications
Miles Padgett  Resolution Limits of Quantum Ghost Imaging
Sixia YuQuantum Contextuality: The Smallest State-Independent Proof
Jun Ye Measurement at the Quantum Frontier
William MunroNew Century Engineering Using the Age Old Principles of Quantum Mechanics



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