In any field of science, there is a constant need for all researchers to keep up with the latest discoveries and advances in their field. It is important that they follow the new developments not just in their own narrow field of research but also the broader trends and perspectives in related fields beyond.

For many of the young scholars and researchers who have returned to their home countries to pursue a career in frontier fields of science, the distance from major research centres in Asia, Europe and America may be an issue.  Because of the relative geographic isolation, they may not have access to the weekly colloquia and seminars at major centres of research, nor may they have access to the advanced schools.

In an effort to address their needs, the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, held the 1st IAS School, with the participation of CERN, on Particle Physics and Cosmology and Implications for Technology in Singapore from

9 January to 31 January, 2012.

Website of IAS School jointly organised with CERN:

The school brought distinguished lecturers in the frontiers of Particle Physics and Cosmology to Singapore, and more than 90 participants attended. 59 of these came from overseas, with 27% from Mainland China and Taiwan, 20% from India, 12% from each of Thailand and Indonesia, 7% from Iran and Malaysia respectively, and the remainder from Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea and the US.

The IAS School was featured in the CERN Courier April 2012 issue:

Following the success of the school, the IAS and CERN will be jointly organising a Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology - Status, Implications and Technology from 25 to 27 March 2013.


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