A career in physics can open doors to almost any profession. Employers regularly state that there is a global need for more physics graduates and an even greater need for people with sub-degree technical skills.

In order to meet this increasing demand for science-based and technical skills, both developed and developing nations are in need of educational systems that are attractive, dynamic and able to equip students with knowledge and experience to not only further their careers but to make invaluable contributions to society.

The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at the Nanyang Technological University and the Institute of Physics (IOP) United Kingdom are jointly organising the workshop entitled, 'Envisioning Physics Education for the 21st Century'.  It aims to explore how the discipline of physics can continue to be attractive and relevant for the demands of society now and in the future.

The workshop will discuss modern approaches to teaching pre-university physics with a particular focus on tools and techniques so as to inspire students in physics through informal science learning; implementing a school-based physics curriculum that balances the aims of developing science capital for all citizens whilst providing a strong foundation for aspiring scientists; equipping teachers to promote awareness and interest in physics‐related careers to students in their lessons; and the effective use of practical work to enhance physics instruction.

The two-day workshop will comprise a mixture of keynote addresses, lectures, practical demonstrations, lab visits, focused roundtable discussions and an overall panel discussion.


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