Workshop on Emergence in Field Theory 

The idea that ‘elementary fields’, particles and interactions could ‘emerge’, as many phenomena in condensed matter physics do, is something which is attractive to many physicists, naturally to condensed matter physicists, and may  be the way Nature works.

There is a very long and distinguished history of sustained and intellectually high level attempts at unification of fundamental forces, of new kinds of field theory in which singularities which seem intrinsic to many common varieties of them do not occur, and of describing particles as topological excitations or as composite entities.  

We have seen the emergence of many amazing phenomena/properties from simple qubits, such as gauge theory, Fermi statistics, fractional/non-Abelian statistics, fractional charges, Majorana fermions, etc.

This workshop aims to bring together people who have pursued such ideas, others who are interested, and to try to make a map of exploratory directions which might be fruitful. 


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