IAS and CERN will be co-organising a joint workshop on collaboration with ASEAN countries from 26 to 27 September 2016 at NTU. The workshop will focus on international co-operation in particle physics and related technology research in the ASEAN region.

Particle physics is now in an exciting period of accelerator and experiment planning, design, construction and running, and will need intensified efforts in R&D and technical design work to enable the decisions for the future course. Facilities for high-energy physics (as for other branches of science) are becoming larger. As the frontiers of science continue to advance, there is a growing impact on supporting technologies and the overflow into biomedical and health fields. This leads to the need for more co-ordination and more collaboration on a global scale. Expertise in particle physics needs to be maintained in all regions, ensuring the long-term stability and support through-out. In an effort to address these issues, an underlying theme of the workshop is to foster cross-border collaboration and co-operation on CERN-related projects in the ASEAN region. 



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