Hong Kong and Singapore are port cities sharing similar backgrounds. Both are former colonies within the British empire whose strategic geographical locations enabled their development as major regional hubs and inevitable rivals in many sectors.

In the 21st century, both pursue innovation-driven growth, but their political situations are increasingly divergent. Hong Kong celebrates its 20th year as a Special Administrative Region in China in 2017, while Singapore marked 50 years of nationhood in 2015. In the international arena, Hong Kong has effectively become part of China whereas Singapore still carefully negotiates its way as an island state.

In the course of the workshop, experts will provide up-to-date insights on the post-colonial development of Singapore and Hong Kong, with keynote speeches and panel discussions that compare their development models in the political, economic and cultural domains. Through comparative perspective, the workshop aims to map the prospects of these global metropolises and project their development in the next decade.



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