The 4th International Workshop on Solar Energy for Sustainability: Photosynthesis and Bioenergetics will be held at the Nanyang Executive Centre at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore from 21 to 24 March 2016. The workshop will also celebrate the 75th Birthdays of Prof Sir John Walker FRS and Prof Leslie Dutton FRS and the legacy of Prof Jan Anderson FRS.


Global bioenergetics relies on the continuous input of solar energy initiating with light-driven charge separation and water splitting reactions of photosynthesis followed by the subsequent use of the resulting high energy electrons and protons to drive the production of ATP either through photosynthetic  or oxidative phosphorylation. The resulting ATP is the energy currency of biology and  powers the processes of life including the synthesis of organic molecules. These molecules are a store of chemical energy which is ultimately utilised by non-photosynthetic metabolism leading to their oxidation back to water and carbon dioxide from which they were formed.


This meeting will cover various aspects of this bioenergetic cycle to which Prof Sir John Walker (Nobel Laureate) FRS and Prof Leslie Dutton FRS have made major contributions and whose 75th birthdays will be celebrated. The cycle is initiated by the reactions of photosynthesis and the workshop will also cover the regulation of these processes in memory of the outstanding contributions made to this area of research by Professor Jan Anderson FRS who recently passed away. Therefore this workshop will bring together world leading scientists actively involved in understanding natural biological processes associated with the flow of energy in biological cells.


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