Year 2017


D.Yu, L.C. Kwek, L. Amico, and R. Dumke, Theoretical Description of Micromaser in the Ultrastrong-Coupling Regime, arXiv:1703.09375 (2017)

G.-Z. Song, E. Munro, W. Nie, F.-G. Deng, G.-J. Yang, L.C. Kwek, Photon scattering by an atomic ensemble coupled to a one-dimensional nanophotonic waveguide, arXiv:1703.09375 (2017)

K. Fujikawa and C. H. Oh, Exact algebraic separability criterion for two-qubit system, Modern Physics Letters A, Vol. 32, No. 11 (2017)

T. Haug, L. Amico, R. Dumke, L.C. Kwek, Mesoscopic currents in coupled atomtronic ring ladders, arXiv:1612.09109 (2017)

W. Nie, F. Mei, L. Amico, L.C. Kwek, Scaling of geometric phase versus band structure in cluster-Ising models, arXiv:1702.02501 (2017)



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