Year 2016

D. Yu, M.M. Valado, C. Hufnagel, L.C. Kwek, L. Amico, and R. Dumke, Charge Qubit-Atom Hybrid, arXiv:1602.01609v1 (2016)

E. Tan, D. Kaszlikowski, and L.C. Kwek, Entanglement witness via symmetric two-body correlations, arXiv:1511.02471v2 (2016)

H.Y. Su, C. Ren, J.L. Chen, F.L. Zhan. C. Wu, Z.P. Xu, M. Gu, S. Vinjanampathy, and L. C. Kwek, Beating the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt and the Svetlichny games with Optimal States, arXiv:1404.7294v4 (2016)

K. Fujikawa, C.H. Oh, K. Umetsu, and S. Yu, Separability criteria with angular and Hilbert space averages, Annals of Physics 368, 248–257 (2016)

M. Hayashi, S. Vinjanampathy, and L.C. Kwek, Unitary Estimation with Resource Constraints,arXiv:1602.07131v1 (2016)

T.H. Kyaw, S. Allende, L.C. Kwek, and G. Romero, Polariton mediated quantum information processing, arXiv:1601.06006v1 (2016)

Y.C. Tzeng, L. Dai, M.C. Chung, L. Amico, and L.C. Kwek, Entanglement convertibility by sweeping through the phase diagram of one dimensional XXZ model with bond alternation, arXiv:1512.05572v2 (2016)

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