About IAS  

Mission: To catalyze advanced studies in the basic and applied sciences;
Creating opportunities for our faculty and students

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The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) was established in July 2005. The then President of NTU, Dr Su Guaning, wrote:  

"A hallmark of the Institute of Advanced Studies shall be science at the highest level – an interdisciplinary study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology as fundamentals, with materials, electronics, nanotechnology, computing and engineering as applications.

On 29th August 2005, to mark NTU's 50th Anniversary, Dr Lee Seng Gee and Mrs (Dr) Della Lee from the Lee Foundation presented a donation to the NTU Endowment Fund to benefit the Institute of Advanced Studies. Dr Lee Seng Gee, the then Chairman of the Lee Foundation, wrote:

"We have read with great interest the programmes that you intend to have for NTU, that will enhance the quality of education and to create new opportunities for our students to learn about the world…we are happy to express our support…for the Institute of Advanced Studies at NTU."

IAS at NTU is today well-known for hosting a number of Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists, and eminent scientists every year and organizing high impact international conferences, workshops and classes across numerous disciplines. On the education side, the Institute has inspired youths through its many programs and allowed them to interact face-to-face with eminent scientists and mathematicians from around the world, so as to develop an understanding of research, discovery, and innovation that also serve mankind.

By establishing a close rapport with active scientists and distinguished scholars from around the world, IAS hopes also to promote Singapore as an international hub for research and development.



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