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IAS Workshops/Conferences:
International Workshop on Multiscale Analysis and Applications

18 – 22 Dec 2006

This workshop emphasized the interplay between mathematical analysis and various aspects of physical applications. The purpose of this workshop was to identify some of the fundamental issues in the emerging area of multiscale analysis and applications.

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Nobel Laureate Public Lecture Series:
Theoretical Physics and Science Fiction

16 Nov 2006

Professor Gerard 't Hooft

Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1999

Professor in Theoretical Physics

Utrecht University, Netherlands

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 Professor Gerard Hooft

Nobel Laureate Public Lecture Series:
My Life

9 Jul 2006

Professor Yang Chen Ning
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1957
Director of Centre for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University (Beijing)

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IAS Workshops/Conferences:
Workshop on Spintronics

8 – 12 May 2006

Spintronics is an emerging technology that deals with spin coherence and spin transport in both metals and semiconductors.  Motivated in part through the potential applications of electron spin degree of freedom in electronic devices and spin-based quantum information processing, there has been increasing interest world wide in this field.

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Nobel Laureate Public Lecture Series:
My Experience of Becoming A Scientist

11 Apr 2006

Prof Lee Yuan-Tseh
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1986
President of Academia Sinica 

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