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IAS Talks / Short Courses:
The Challenge of Research on Chinese Medicine, some Clinical Trials Using Chinese Medicine -- Methodology, Difficulties

11 Oct 2005

Prof Leung Ping-Chung

Professor of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong

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Prof Ping-Chung Leung 

IAS Talks / Short Courses:
Global Warming & Energy Policy for the 21st Century

20 Sep 2005

Prof Douglas Osheroff
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1996

Professor of Physics & Applied Physics at Stanford University

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IAS Workshops/Conferences:
100 Years of Physics Symposium in Singapore

10 -12 Aug 2005

Prof Robert B Laughlin (Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1998)
Prof Alex Pines (Wolf Prize Winner, 1991)
Prof Akira Tonomura (Imperial Prize Winner, 1991)

Prof Paul Davies (Templeton Prize Winner, 1995)

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