Welcome to the International Workshop on Polyelectrolytes in Chemistry, Biology and Technology.

The workshop to be organized in NTU, Singapore from 26 to 28 January 2015 will cover both fundamental and applied aspects of simple and complex polyelectrolyte systems. The workshop will have a clear interdisciplinary character including chemical, biological and technological aspects. The workshop covers fundamental and applied aspects of polyelectrolyte systems as defined in a broad sense including all highly charged synthetic and biological polymers and aggregates formed from surfactants in aqueous medium also including polyelectrolyte-polymer interactions and self-assembly. Furthermore, all interesting manifestations of polyelectrolyte interactions and self-assembly in biological systems, such as DNA, filamentous proteins and chromatin are included. The main themes are:

Theory and Simulations of Polyelectrolyte Systems

Polyelectrolytes in Biological Systems

Technological/Industrial Applications of Polyelectrolyte Systems

The workshop will present a great opportunity and platform for scientists to discuss broadly current developments in the polyelectrolyte field. In addition, it offers an excellent opportunity to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of one the pioneering publications on polyelectrolyte theory by Rudolph A Marcus (Nobel Prize in chemistry 1992), the 1955 paper "Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of Polyelectrolytes". Professor Marcus has kindly accepted to present a talk at the workshop.

The workshop will include invited and contributed talks as well as posters.

We welcome all interested faculty, researchers and students to sign-up for this exciting workshop!

​Björn Lindman (Chair)                       
School of Materials Science & Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Lund University, Sweden
​Lars Nordenskiöld (Co-Chair)
School of Biological Sciences
Nanyang Technological University


Kok Khoo Phua (Co-Chair)                    IAS-NTU

Johan van der Maarel (Co-Chair)           NUS

Chandra Verma (Co-Chair)                   BII-A*STAR



Organized by:






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