Updated 22​ January 2015

Special Guest SpeakerAffiliation 
Rudolph A. MARCUS

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1992

California Institute of Technology

Early steps in polyelectrolytes' study and a leap into the electron transfer theory


Invited SpeakersAffiliationTitle of Presentation
George ATTARDUniversity of SouthamptonThe effect of charge on the modulation of protein function by lipid membranes
Slaven GARAJNational University of SingaporeDNA dynamics in solid-state and graphene nanopores
Paul JANMEY   University of PennsylvaniaMisplaced Polyelectrolytes:aggregation and gelation of polyanionic filaments released into sites of infection
Alexei KHOKHLOVLomonosov Moscow State UniversityNonconventional Scenarios of Polyelectrolyte Behaviour and Self-Assembly
Kurt KREMERMax Planck Institute, Mainz(Bio-)Polymers for Hydrogels in Mixed Solvents

Nanyang Technological University

Lund University

Cellulose dissolution and regeneration: A delicate balance between hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions
Françoise LIVOLANTUniversité Paris-SudGenome packing in the bacteriophage capsid: consequences on the kinetics of DNA ejection
Lanyuan LU      Nanyang Technological UniversitySolution structures of multi-domain protein PUB1 revealed by molecular dynamics simulation and nuclear magnetic resonance
Alexander LYUBARTSEVStockholm UniversityMultiscale modeling of DNA and nucleosome core particles
Johan van der MAARELNational University of SingaporeNanofluidics for single DNA molecule studies: from crowding, protein DNA interaction, to sequencing of genomic information
Maria da Graça Martins MIGUELUniversity of CoimbraDNA-based Gels and Nanoparticles
John van NOORT          Leiden UniversityUnraveling chromatin structure, one molecule at a time
Yoshihito OSADARIKEN, Japan Artificial Muscles-Soft & Wet Nano-Biomachine of the Next Era
Lennart PICULELLLund UniversitySurface coatings of hydrated polyion-surfactant ion "complex salts"
Joachim RÄDLERLudwig-Maximilians University, MunichPolyelectrolyte block copolymers in micropatterning and gene delivery - single cell migration and expression studies
Daniela RHODES          Nanyang Technological UniversityG-quadruplexes and their regulatory roles in biology
Cyrus SAFINYA University of California Santa BarbaraDirected Assembly in Neuronal Systems by Intrinsically Disordered Tau Protein
Helmut SCHIESSELLeiden UniversityThe mechanical genome
Adelene SIM     Bioinformatics Institute (BII) - A*STARElectrostatics of nucleic acid folding
Håkan WENNERSTRÖMLund UniversityAttractive ion-ion correlation forces and the dielectric approximation
Gerard WONG  University of California, Los AngelesPolyelectrolytes in innate and adaptive immunity


NameInstitutionTitle of Abstract
Jean-Franҫois BERRET Matière et Systèmes Complexes, CNRS- Université Paris Particles and nanowires in interaction with living cells: From
fundamentals to applications
Richard CAMPBELLInstitut Laue–LangevinThe Dominance of Non-Equilibrium Effects in Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolyte/Surfactant Mixtures at the Air/Water Interface
Liang DAISingapore-MIT Alliance for Research and TechnologySpontaneous tight knots in Single DNA moelcules 
Calum DRUMMOND RMIT UniversityConverging layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte and cubic lyotropic liquid crystalline (cubosome) colloidal particle approaches for molecular encapsulation
Per HANSSONUppsala University, SwedenHysteresis in the surfactant-induced volume transition of polyelectrolyte gels
Yong Seok JHOAsia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics Phase Transition in Charged Rodlike Polyelectrolyte Solutions
Vitaly KOCHERBITOVMalmö UniversityEffect of hydration on glass transition and crystallization  of hyaluronan
Ger KOPERDelft University of TechnologyProton binding by linear, branched, and hyperbranched polyelectrolytes
Nikolay KOROLEVNanyang Technological UniversityGeneral polyelectrolyte and specific structural rules for DNA compaction in eukaryotic chromatin
Karel PROCHAZKACharles University in PragueComputer studies of self-assembling polyelectrolyte systems
Kazutami SAKAMOTOChiba Institute of ScienceEffect of amino acid on the solution properties of nonionic surfactant
Marian SEDLAKSlovak Academy of SciencesControlled Self-Assembly of pH-Responsive Polyelectrolytes
Günter SIEGELCharité – University Clinic Berlin Biopolyelectrolyte–Lipoprotein Interaction in Arteriosclerotic and Alzheimer Plaque Formation
Miroslav ŠTĚPÁNEKCharles University in PragueCo-assembly Behavior of Double Hydrophilic Block Polyelectrolyte with Oppositely Charged Fluorosurfactant
Marina TSIANOUUniversity at Buffalo, SUNYPolyelectrolytes in Biomineral Formation
Anatoly ZINCHENKONagoya UniversityCompaction of DNA under Crowding by Anionic Species



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