This symposium focuses on theory of acupuncture, including biomedical explanations for its claimed therapeutic effects, and the clinical evidence for its efficacy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains acupuncture in terms of the flow of qi along channels and collaterals and the effects of stimulating acupuncture points on the functions of organs. Western explanations vary from the effect of acupuncture on pain sensations travelling along the neurological network to the release of the body’s own secretions that deal with pain. The symposium invites papers that critically examine such theories from a modern scientific perspective and/or offer alternative explanations.

The efficacy of acupuncture is a subject of controversy. The symposium welcomes papers that offer meta-analyses of clinical trials on acupuncture therapies and on the placebo effects of acupuncture treatments. Of particular interest are papers that deal with methodological issues in clinical trials.


Supported By:

              Confucius Institute, NTU
              Science Arts Co Pte Ltd


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