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The conference More is Different is about complexity.

“The 21st century,” physicist Stephen Hawking has said, “will be the century of complexity.” Likewise, the physicist Heinz Pagels has said that “the nations and people who master the new sciences of complexity will become the economic, cultural, and political superpowers of the 21st century.”

Complexity is a movement in the sciences that greatly influences thoughts about the dynamics of our world. Instead of looking at objects of study top-down in a reductionist manner as has been done for four centuries, complexity science seeks to look at its objects of study from the bottom up, seeing them as systems of interacting elements that form, change, and evolve over time. Complexity therefore is not so much a subject as a way of looking at systems.

Complexity science is exciting. The knowledge it can deliver is crucial to coping with the grand challenges confronting humanity, such as hunger, energy, water, health, climate, security, sustainability, innovation, and the impact of technology.

It is NTU’s ambition to become the Asian hub in the global network of scientific institutes that focus on complexity science through genuine interdisciplinary collaboration.

The conference More is Different presents a major first step in realizing that ambition.

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