2nd International Workshop -
Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Bioenergetics and Sustainability
(11 to 14 June 2012)



The 2nd International Workshop on Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Bioenergetics and Sustainability was jointly organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies and Solar Fuels Lab (School of Materials Science & Engineering and Energy Research Institute) at NTU with sponsorship from the Lee Foundation.


This workshop brought together world leading scientists actively involved in understanding the natural biological processes associated with solar energy capture, storage and utilisation and those directing their efforts at creating technological systems for energy generation using sunlight as the power source.

Among the speakers were four Nobel Prize winners, Professor Rudolph Marcus, Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Professor John Walker and Professor Alan Heeger. They were appointed as Lee Kong Chian Distinguished Professors in relation to their visits.






Professor Rudolph Marcus received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1992 for advancing the theory of electron-transfer reactions in chemical systems. The Marcus theory revealed information on common phenomenon such as photosynthesis and corrosion. The Canadian-born chemist was also awarded numerous additional honours, including the National Medal of Science in 1989 and the Irving Langmair and the Peter Debye Awards of the American Chemical Society in 1978 and 1988.




Professor Sir John Ernest Walker is an English chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1997 with American chemist, Paul D. Boyer for their elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate. They also shared the prize with Danish chemist Jens C. Skou for research unrelated to theirs (Discovery of the Na+/K+-ATPase). He is currently the Director of the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit (formerly the Dunn Human Nutrition Unit) in Cambridge, and a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College.



 Professor Sir Harry Kroto


Professor Sir Harry Kroto is a British chemist and one of the three recipients to share the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley. He is the Francis Eppes Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University, which he joined in 2004; prior to that he spent a large part of his career at the University of Sussex, where he holds an emeritus professorship.



 Professor Alan Heeger


Professor Alan Heeger is an American physicist, academic and Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2000 along with Alan G. MacDiarmid and Hideki Shirakawa for their discovery and development of conductive polymers. He has also won the Oliver E. Buckley Prize of the American Physical Society in 1983 and Balzan Prize for Science of Non-Biological Materials in 1995.




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