Conference in Honour of the 90th Birthday of Rudolph Marcus

(22 to 24 July 2013)

The Conference in Honour of the 90th Birthday of Rudolph Marcus is organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU with sponsorship by the Lee Foundation.

Professor Rudolph Marcus’s groundbreaking theory on electron transfer won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1992. Named after him, the Marcus Theory has since become the dominant theory describing electron transfer reactions that are ubiquitous in chemistry and biology. The understanding of the basic energy converting processes in photosynthesis has influenced the development of technologies such as solar cells and batteries.

Among the conference speakers was Professor Lee Yuan Tseh (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1986) who had been appointed as Lee Kong Chian Distinguished Professors in relation to his visits.


Professor Yuan Tseh Lee 

Professor Yuan Tseh Lee was the first Taiwanese Nobel Prize laureate, who, along with the Hungarian-Canadian John C. Polanyi and American Dudley R. Herschbach won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986 for their contributions to the dynamics of chemical elementary processes. His particular physical chemistry work was related to the use of advanced chemical kinetics techniques to investigate and manipulate the behavior of chemical reactions for relative large molecules using crossed molecular beams.

From 1994 to 2006, Professor Lee served as the President of the Academia Sinica of the Taiwan. In 2011, he was elected President of the International Council for Science. He will deliver a talk, “Elementary Processes Involved in Matrix Assisted Laser Dasorption Ionization of Biological molecules” at the conference.


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