The Zhao research group focuses on organic and materials chemistry and branches out into the related fields of biological, physical, and medicinal chemistry. We utilize interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the emerging problems at the forefront of chemistry and materials, aiming to address some of the technological needs in today's society, such as responsive nanomaterials, general approach for controlled drug delivery, and sensing devices for medical diagnostics and gene-chip technologies. The applications in cancer therapy, energy, and sensor technology are keenly investigated at the more advanced stages.
Those undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars who get involved in these programs will gain multi-faceted knowledge in several areas. They will participate in the transformation of simple compounds into more complex ones, and ultimately into advanced materials for real life applications. Along the way, students will learn the design, synthesis, and characterization skills. The research experience will leave students with a broad and balanced expertise, capable of undertaking challenges in the academic and in a variety of industrial settings.

Latest news

Aug 2015

Congratulations to graduate student Ong Wee Kong for receiving the prestigious Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship!

Congratulations to former graduate Parijat Borah for receiving the JSPS postdoctoral fellowship.

Jun 2015

Graduate student Lee Sie Huey has won the ISPE Singapore Student Poster Competition 2015 Grand Prize, and she will be supported to attend the ISPE Annual Meeting in Philadelphia from 8-11 November 2015.

Apr 2015

Dr. Zhao has been invited as an editorial board member of ChemNanoMat and Scientific Reports.

Mar 2015

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Cheng Meiling joined the group.

Jan 2015

Congratulations to Parijat Borah and Nguyen Kim Truc for their PhD graduation!

Sep 2014

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Liu Dong joined the group.

Aug 2014

Welcome PhD graduate students Tham Huijun Phoebe (IGS)!

Welcome all Final year, URECA students from CBC and MSE!

Jun 2014

Congratulations to PhD student Ma Xing for receiving Humboldt Research Fellowship for his postdoctoral studies!

May 2014

Congratulations to Bai Linyi, Qu Qiuyu, Zhang Yuanyuan for their advancement to PhD candidates!

Welcome CBC summer research students and US summer students!

Apr 2014

Congratulations to Ma Xing for his PhD graduation! Wish him the best of luck for his postdoc research in Germany.

Nov 2013

Congratulations to Ang Chung Yen, Yao Xin, and Lee Sie Huey for advancement to PhD candidates!

Oct 2013

Congratulations to Nguyen Kim Truc and Tan Si Yu for being selected as participants to attend the SOKENDAI Asian Winter School at Okazaki, Japan in December 2013.

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Fu Guanglei joined the group.

Sep 2013

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Shi Huifang and Dr Xu Xingdong joined the group.

Aug 2013

Congratulations to Dr Zhao for receiving the 2013 Materials Research Contribution Award from the Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research.

Welcome Final year undergraduate students Karina Kurniawan (CBC), Lam Yeow Hing Bradley (MSE) and Lee Wan Ting Magdalene (MSE).

Welcome PhD graduate students Chen Hongzhong (CBC).

Jul 2013

Congratulations to Dr Zhao for receiving the SPMS Young Researcher Award.

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Wang Yabo, Dr Zhao Yang, Dr Wang Jingui and Dr Purnandhu Bose joined the group in Jul 2013.

Welcome PhD graduate students Feng Tao (CBC).

Jun 2013

Congratulations to Parijat Borah for being selected as one of the finalists for the 2013 Reaxys PhD Prize. Parijat will be supported to attend the 2013 Reaxys Inspiring chemistry Conference at Switzerland in September 2013.

Welcome summer research student Bir Alexandra Lane from Clemson University, and Stephanie Crockett from UC Davis.

Welcome Research fellow, Dr John Mondal joined the group in Jun 2013.

May 2013

Congratulations to Parijat Borah and Ang Chung Yen for receiving the Best Poster Awards in the International Congress for Innovation in Chemistry, Thailand, 5-8 May 2013.

Congratulations to Parijat Borah for receiving the United States Department of Energy Travel Award to attend the International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry, which will be held in Washington DC, July 2013.

Welcome Summer research students, Kho Shu Hui, Lee Xue Ping, Yeo Wei Chuan, Chng Wan Ting Zenia, Yap Qi Ming, Raymond Shi Rong Sheng, Ong Shi Li, Tai Shu Hui, Teo Suan Lerk, Lee Xin Yi joined the group!

Welcome Research fellow, Dr Wang Peng joined the group in May 2013.

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