Current Students and Staff

Graduate Students (Research):

Cong Zhang (PhD) - Aug 2018 - Machine Learning
Yaoxin Wu (PhD) - Aug 2018 - Multiagent System
Lu Zhang (PhD) - Aug 2018 - Next POI Recommendation
Xiaoming Li (PhD) - Jan 2017 - Trust Prediction in Online Systems
Leonid Zeynalvand (PhD) - Aug 2016 - Trust and Incentive in IoT
Shuo Chen (PhD) - Aug 2016 - Trust and Privacy in VANET
Qing Guo (PhD) - Aug 2014 - Recommender Systems (Co-Supervision)
Shuqiang Zheng (Exchange MEng) - Jan 2018 - Trust-Aware Recommender Systems

Research Staff:

Ewa Andrejczuk (Research Fellow) Multiagent System and Teamwork
Wen Song (Research Fellow) Multiagent System
Yankai Chen (Research Associate) Community and Trust
Xianli Zhang (Research Associate) Multiagent System
Yuan Jiang (Research Associate) Multiagent System and Team Work
Avataram Venkatavaradan Prituja (Project Officer) Multiagent System and Team Work
Xiao Sha (Project Officer) Multiagent System

Undergraduate Students:

Guvvala Sanjusha (FYP) Chen Yinya (URECA) Next Point of Interest (POI) Recommendation
Koh Yun Quan (FYP) and Ong Wei Feng Kelvin (FYP) Development of a Sourcing Robot
Chan Wenle (URECA) and Jiang Nan (URECA) Planning and Resource Allocation for Airport Management

  Former Students and Staff

Graduate Students (Research):

Zehong Hu (PhD, 2014-2018) Learning-Based Mechanism Design for Microtask Crowdsourcing (Alibaba)
Wen Song (PhD, 2014-2018) Project Scheduling in Distributed and Dynamic Environments
Zhu Sun (PhD, 2014-2018) Exploiting Item Relationships for Effective Recommendation (Data Scientist, Shopee)
Chang Xu (PhD, 2013-2017) Towards Characterization and Detection of Collusive Reputation Fraud in Crowdsourced Opinions (Chief Executive Postdoctoral Fellowship, CSIRO's Data61)
Zhiguang Cao (PhD, 2013-2017) Maximizing the Probability of Arriving on Time: A Stochastic Shortest Path Problem (Research Asst Prof, National University of Singapore)
Dongxia Wang (PhD, 2013-2017, Co-Supervision) Quantifying and Improving the Robustness of Trust Systems (Postdoc, University of Oxford)
Guozhu Meng (PhD, 2013-2017, Co-Supervision) A Semantic-based Analysis of Android Malware for Detection, Generation, and Trend Analysis (Assoc Prof, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Athirai A. Irissappane (PhD, 2012-2016) Trust Oriented Decision Making Via POMDPs (Honourable Mention) (Asst Prof, University of Washington (Tacoma))
Guibing Guo (PhD, 2011-2015) Exploiting Ratings and Trust to Resolve the Data Sparsity and Cold Start of Recommender Systems (Assoc Prof, Northeastern University China)
Siwei Jiang (PhD, 2011-2014) Multiagent Evolutionary Computation for Complex Problems (Senior Algorithm Advisor, Alibaba)
Hui Fang (PhD, 2010-2014) Coping with Subjectivity and Dishonesty in Opinion Evaluation by Exploiting Social Factors (Asst Prof, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Yuan Liu (PhD, 2010-2014) Towards the Design of Robust Incentive Mechanisms to Address Subjectivity and Dishonesty Problems in Agent Reporting (Assoc Prof, Northeastern University China)
Huanhuan Zhang (M.Eng, 2012-2014) Improving Sybil Detection in Online Social Networks (ELearning@NTU)

Research Staff:

Donghun Kang (Research Fellow) Multiagent System
Tim Muller (Research Fellow) Formal Trust Models (Lecturer, University of Oxford)
Akin Gunay (Research Fellow) Multi-Agent Systems (Postdoc, Lancaster University)
Hongliang Guo (Research Fellow) Multi-Agent Based Vehicle Routing (Assoc Prof, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Zhenchao Bing (Research Associate) Multiagent Systems for Business Processes
Li Xinyang (Research Engineer) Data Analytics and Web System Development
Xuan Wang (Research Fellow) Data Analytics and Web System Development (Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd)
Moath Jarrah (Resaerch Fellow) Multiagent System and Simulation (Assoc Prof, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan)
Huiqin Alice Gu (Project Officer) Data Analytics and Web System Development
Shibao Hong (Research Assistant, 2014-2015) Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bao Yang (Research Fellow) Fraud Detection and Machine Learning (Asst Prof, Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Meng Sha (Research Fellow) Multiagent System
Peng Zhou (Research Fellow) Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks (Lecturer, Shanghai University, China)
Xi Hui (Research Fellow) Agent-based Simulation (Computational Engineering Technologist, Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd)
Li Bin (Research Fellow) - Fraud Detection (Assoc Prof, Wuhan University, China)
Qin Li (Research Fellow, Jan 2012 ~ Dec 2012) Trust and Reputation Management for VANETs
Chen Bo (Project Officer, 2013-2013) - Agent-based Simulation
Ding Yi (Project Officer) - Social Trust (PhD student, NTU)
Bong Zoebir (Project Officer) - Educational System in the Cloud
Doan Tuan Anh (2010 ~ 2011) Educational Data Mining (Engineer, Facebook)

Exchange and Visiting Student and Staff:

Hui-Huai Qiu (Visiting PhD, 2015-2016, Beijing Jiaotong U) Trust-Aware Recommender Systems
Xuan Liu (Exchange PhD, 2012-2014, Nanjing University, China) Consumer Behavior in Responding to Spam Reviews
Yaofei Ma (Visiting Staff) - Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for TB Spread (Beijing Aviation University, China)
Zhou Xiang (Exchange MEng, 2010, Southeast University, China) Expanding CP-net Preference Representation by Statement Strength and Attribute Importance

MSc Students:

Zhenchao Bing (MSc, 2017) Multiagent Systems for Business
Wang Chengxin (MSc, 2016) Simulation Platform for Evaluating Trust Management in the Internet of Things
Xie Yinan (MSc, 2016) A Study on Trust Management Algorithms for the Social Internet of Things
Sinha Ankur (MSc, 2015) Robustness of Trust Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jayappakasan Jeeva Kattungal (MSc, 2015) Trust Management for Securing Wireless Sensor Networks
Weiteng Li (MSc, 2015) Indirect Calibration on an Oil Refinery Agent Based Model
Xiaorui Zhu (MSc, 2013) Detection of Spam Reviews in Chinese E-Commerce Websites
Nedumpeedikayil Babu Ashok (MSc, 2012) A Collaborative Security Approach for Preventing Attacks from Malicious Nodes in Two Layered Network
Fan Liu (MSc, 2012) Algorithm for Smart Learning Material Recommendation
Jun Lu (MSc, 2012) Towards an Effective Recommendation Algorithm for Education
Li Chenjie (MSc, 2011) User Study for Different Version of an Intelligent Social Networks Aggregator

Undergraduate Students:

Steve Alexander Prasetya and Huang Wanyi (FYP) Recommendation of What-To-Buy
Prabhjot Vicky Grewal and Jenny Yu Chieh Ning (FYP) Intelligent Transportation System
Hang Zhi Cheng and Tan Xuan Yi (FYP) Electric Charging
Xiang Qikun (FYP) Collusion-resistant Spatial Phenomena Crowdsourcing (Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal Cum Book Prize)
Seshadri Madhavan, Multi-Agent Cooperative Vehicle Routing (1st Winner of DISCOVER URECA @ NTU Poster Exhibition and Competition: Category of Information Technology and Computer Science)
Bansal Ankurm and Ng Hui Xiong (FYP) Multiagent Based Vehicle Routing
Mak Jia Ming Jackson and Li Chuqiao (FYP) Recommendation of Who-To-Follow and What-To-Buy
Jeremy Chai Wen Zhang (FYP) and Xiang Qikun, Trust Management for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mao Huiqi (FYP), Intelligent Transportant Systems (Best FYP Student Presentation Award at BMW Lab scientific workshop)
Dong Yubo and Muhammad Syahir Bin Jailani (FYP), Intelligent Transportant Systems
Gong Wenchen (FYP), Spamming Review Detection
Chen Meng Fang (FYP) and Jessica Tjong (URECA), Trust-aware Recommender Systems
Seshadri Madhavan (URECA) Intelligent Transportant Systems
Ummeaiman Najmuddin Shakir and Ang Jian Hui (FYP) and Xiang Qikun (URECA) Trust Management for Wireless Sensor Networks
Wang Zeguo and Louis Chia Ming Qi (FYP) Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for Business Systems
Sun Ayong (FYP) and Seshadri Madhavan (URECA) Vehicle Routing and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Rohit Luthra (FYP) Vehicle Routing and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Li Chen (URECA) Modeling Trust in Social Networks
Chan Ching Mei Amanda, Mitra Neel Ratan, Shi Qing (2014, FYP) Detecting Unfair Rating Attacks in Online Rating Systems
Nov Choun, Viswanathuni Sruthi, Koh Jun Kiat (2014, FYP) Providing Effective Recommendation of Learning Materials for Students
Tussupbekov Yerken, Tan Hui Min, Long Jianming Keith (FYP) Spam Review Detection
Sun Ayong (2013, URECA) Detection of Unfair Ratings
Yeo You Wei, Ivan (2013, FYP) Mobile Device Remote Tracking and Lock-down (Outstanding Academic Paper)
Poh Geok Khoon, Ho Wenxu and Zheng Cihui (2013, FYP) Testbed for Evaluating Robustness of Reputation Systems
Lim Yuan Shen, Koh Liang Teck and Wu Sicong (2013, FYP) Development of a Course Management System for E-Learning
Zhang Ying, Devia D/O Nitin Kumar (2012, FYP) Development of a Course Management System for E-Learning
Hoang Tri Tam (2012, URECA) Collaborative Security for Detecting Complex Attacks
Dao Nguyen Luc (2012, URECA) Review Mining
Thi Chanh Hien (2012, URECA) Detecting Unfair Rating Attacks in Online Rating Systems
Batyrbekov Ayan (2012, FYP) Facebook and Twitter Apps for Filtering Social Updates
Tan Tong Peng (2012, FYP) Development of a Course Management System for E-Learning
Lee Chin Hwee and Dang Nguyen Anh Khoa (2012, FYP) Framework for Evaluating Robustness of Reputation Systems
Nia Mutiara, Long Xiat Fei, Nai Chiau Kwang (2011, FYP) Development of a Web-based Social Network Aggregator
Liang Liting, Samuel seah, Lee Sin Wah (2011, FYP) Unfair Rating Generation for Evaluating Detectors


Munindar P. Singh, Professor, North Carolina State University, USA
Boi Faltings, Professor, EPFL, Switzerland
Yan Wang, Assoc Prof, Macquarie University, Australia
Qinghua Zhu, Professor, Nanjing University, China
Christian Jensen, Assoc Prof, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Benjamin Fung, Assoc Prof, McGill University, Canada
Sjouke Mauw, Professor, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Leen-Kiat Soh, Assoc Prof, University of Nebraska¨CLincoln, USA
Raouf Boutaba, Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada
Neil Yorke-Smith, Asst Prof, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Audun Josang, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway
Steve Marsh, Asst Prof, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
Quanyan Zhu, Asst Prof, New York University, USA
Ali Ghorbani, Professor and Dean, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Sandip Sen, Professor, University of Tulsa, USA
Ralph Deters, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Jeremy Pitt, Reader, Imperial College London, UK
Bruce Spencer, Professor, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Ilsun You, Assoc Prof, Korean Bible Unviersity, Korea
Julita Vassileva, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

People I Have Previously Worked With

Professor Hongbing Wang, Cheng Wan, Shizhi Shao, Yuan Wang, Chen Chen,

Professor Robin Cohen (Supervisor of PhD Thesis)
Professor Julita Vassileva, Professor Kate Larson, Reid Kerr,Yao Wang, Professor Bin Ma, Professor Ming Li, Professor Xiaoyan Zhu, Chong Long, Professor Thomas Tran, Umar Farooq Minhas, Professor Pinar Yolum, Murat Sensoy, Professor Raouf Boutaba, Issam Aib, Olga Baysal, Carol J Fung, Aaditeshwar Seth

Professor Ali A. Ghorbani (Supervisor of Master's Thesis), Mehran Nadjarbashi-Noghani, Hossein Sadat, Mark Kilfoil, Wenpu Xing, Zhong Lei
Professor Virendra Bhavsar, Professor Viqar Husain (Supervisors of Undergraduate Thesis)