My research project : Deep Learning on Graphs (DLG)
Awarded 2.5M US$ by NRF to develop DLG
Slides on DLG at UCLA, Feb 2018
Video talk on Graph ConvNets, Feb 2018
• Co-organizer of conferences on DLG: UCLA'18 and UCLA'19
Co-organizer of CVPR'17 tutorial on DLG
Co-organizer of NeurIPS'17 tutorial on DLG

My data science courses
20 graduate Lectures on deep learning (2018)
10 undergraduate Lectures on machine learning (2018)
17 graduate Lectures on data science (2016)
My profile
CV (Jan'19), LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Facebook

Xavier Bresson

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Associate Professor
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Data Science and AI Center (DSAIR)
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore


E-mail: xbresson{at}
Tel.: +65 6790 6300
Office: N4-02b-40
Address: SCSE, Block N4, Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

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