Dr. LAU, Wai Man Raymond / Associate Professor

School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

N1.2-B2-32, 62 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637459

Email: wmlau@ntu.edu.sg

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Multiphase flow and process engineering

Our research in multiphase flow system focuses on apply the fundamental principles to various applications in healthcare, energy, and process development.


Dry powder inhalation

Dry powder inhalation has good potential to be an alternative route of drug administration, especially for the treatment of lung and systemic diseases. However, typically only a small fraction of the dose can be delivered to the lower airways. Our research is focused on the development pollen-shape drug carriers, whose surface morphology reduces the particle-particle interactions and improves the flowability. The pollen-shape surface also allows high drug loading with improved respirable fractions.



Microalgae technology

Microalgae has been gaining a lot of attentions due to its fast-growing rate; being able to sequester carbon dioxide via photosynthesis; and potential to be feedstocks as biofuel as well as health supplement. A lumostatic cultivation strategy is developed to introduce an increase light intensity over the course of microalgae to improve the growth rate. The cultivation strategy has already lead to the development of a patent pending lumostatic photobioreactor. A spin-off company is formed and the technology is to be tested in a farm along Guangdong-Fujian coastline.


Description: C:\Agronosis\Investors' relations\Oceanus\Photo of tanks 03.JPG Description: C:\Agronosis\Investors' relations\Oceanus\Photo of tank 01.JPG


Multiphase Process

Multiphase process is often encountered in the industry involving gas-solid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid, and gas-liquid-solid systems. Due to the complex interactions among the different phases, it is important to characterize the system behavior and find potential applications to make use of the multiphase contacts. Research efforts have been focused on the determination of bubble/particle size distribution using borescope imaging technique, liquid weeping phenomena at the distributor region, and particle attrition in gas-solid fluidized bed.




Meta modelling

Meta-model is utilizing the simulated data from an original complex model to develop an empirical model for process analysis and design. Through meta-model, the computational cost could be largely reduced since the empirical model runs much faster than the original complex model. Several methods are used to develop the empirical model, such as polynomial functions, artificial neural networks and Gaussian process Regression. These methods have been utilized to study various scenarios such as vapor cloud dispersion, and wind analysis.



Current Grant:

·         SPRING-TECS POV, Novel Extraction of Micro-Algal Oil from Lumostatic Micro-Algae by Ultrasonication, 2015-2017 (PI)

·         NRF-CREATE, Cambridge Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology (C4T) (IRP 3: CAPRICON – Carbon Abatement in Petroleum Refining Industry – a Control and Optimization Research Network)–, 2013-2017 (Lead-PI)


Previous Grant:

·         SPRING-TECS POC, Soybean Meal Replacement for the Livestock Feed Industry with a Novel, Patent-Pending Lumostatic Technology, 2013-2014 (PI)

·         NEA-ETRP, Combined Physical and Chemical Recovery of Rare Earth and Heavy Metals from Incinerator Bottom Ash, 2012-2015 (PI)

·         A*STAR-MSHE, Delivery of protein and peptide drugs through dry powder inhalation, 2012-2015 (PI)

·         DSO National Laboratories, Vapour Cloud Explosion (VCE) using computer simulation, 2011-2012 (PI)

·         Private industry, Harvesting and analysis of products derived from marine micro-algae using techniques suited to industrial scale-up, 2011-2012 (PI)

·         MOE-Tier 1, Optimization of design parameters for dry powder inhalers, 2010-2013 (PI)

·         A*STAR SERC, An Integrated Approach for Rational Design of Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: From Molecule to Reactor, 2007-2010 (PI)

·         NTU, Experimental Investigation of Particle Characteristics on Pulmonary Drug Delivery (SEP), 2007-2008 (PI)

·         MOE-Tier 1, Mixing and Transport studies in Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed reactor with shallow bed height, 2006-2009 (PI)

·         NTU-SUG, Experimental Investigation of Particle Characteristics on Pulmonary Drug Delivery, 2006-2009 (PI)