Professor LOH Teck Peng


The central theme is organic synthesis. Research activities include green chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, the development of new synthetic methodology, and total synthesis of architecturally complex organic molecules with interesting biological activities. One of the objectives is to develop new C-C bond formation reactions with predictable control of stereochemistry under very mild and environmentally friendly conditions and then apply them to the synthesis of complex natural products. Another objective is to discover new reactions and concepts through the total synthesis of natural products.

  • Enantioselective reactions
  • Development of new synthetic methodology
  • Green chemistry
  • Total synthesis of natural products
Research Fellowship
1995 Visiting Scientist, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, University of Tokyo, Japan (Host: Prof. K.Narasaka)
1999 Visiting Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (Host: Prof. Nakai)
My Research Students/Staffs

Graduate Students:

  • Chan Kok Ping
  • Cheng Hin Soon
  • Zhao Yu Jun
  • Fu Fan
  • Chan Liting, Jocelyn
  • Liu Feng
  • Li Hao
  • Shen Zhi Liang
  • Xiao Jian

Exchange Student:

  • Thilo Schuppler

Research Staff:

  • Lee Kiew Ching
  • Seow Ai Hua
  • Ling Hui, Yvonne
  • Wong Chek Ming
  • Koo Yien Teng

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