Professor LOH Teck Peng

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Invited Lectures
Dec 1995 Metal-meiated Organic Reactions in Water", Nagoya University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, Keio University, Chiba University, Unievrsity of Tokyo
1996 Invited speaker in 11th IUPAC Org Synthesis, Holland
1997 Invited speaker in 2nd Young Chniese Chemists Conference, Hong Kong
1998 Invited speaker in 5th International Symposium for Chinese Organic Chemists, Nankai University, China
Aug 1998 Synthetic Studies Towards The Total Synthesis of Antillatoxin, Peking University, China
1999, 2002 Invited speaker, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1999 Invited speaker, The International Conference of Fluorine Chemistry Japan
2000 Invited speaker, Nozaki conference (out of 20 synthetic chemists worldwide)
20 - 24 Aug 2000 Invited speaker in the 220th ACS National Meeting, Washington, USA
26 - 28 Oct 2000 Invited speaker, 2000 International Symposium on Organic Reactions-Tokyo, Japan
14 - 19 Dec 2000 Plenary speaker in the coming symposia in Organic Reactions in Aqueous media 2000, International Chemical Congress Meeting of Pacific Basin Society, Honolulu, USA
2001 Invited speaker, International Conference on Fundamental Science: Biological and Chemical Sciences
2001 International Conference on Green Chemistry, China
2002 Banyu-Merck presentation (one of the five invited speakers to an audience of more than 500 researchers, Tohuku University, Japan
2002 Invited speaker, IUPAC meeting, New Zealand
2002 Invited speaker, 7th international symposium for Chinese organic chemistry, Taiwan
2003 Invited speaker, 2nd OUS High-tech International Symposium, Japan
2003 Invited speaker, 3rd Asian-German Symposium, Germany
2003 Invited speaker, Annual Okayama Science University Conference, Japan
2004 Invited speaker, IUPAC ICOS-15 (The 15th International Conference on Organic Synthesis), Nagoya, Japan
2004 Invited speaker, ISCIS-5 & ISCOC-8, Hong Kong
2005 Invited speaker, BMOS-11 (11th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis), Brazil
2005 Invited speaker, 11th ACC (11th Asian Chemical Congress), Seoul, South Korea
Invited Talks
2002 Invited to give talks at various Universities (SooChow University, Harvard University, University of Minnesota, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Keio University, Chiba University, Beijing University, Columbia University, Dept of Chemistry, Columbia Medical School, Chulabong Research Institute)
2003 Invited speaker at Schering plough
2003 Invited speaker and student evaluators for foreign students at Chulaborn Research Institute, Thailand

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