PhD Students

Current Students

  1. Dan Mainak, Multi-agent based Distributed Optimization, 2016-xx (Co supervisor: P N Suganthan).

  2. Tejus Thirumeni, Cognitive Team Theory for Machine Collaboration, 2016-xx.

  3. Cheryl Wong Sze Yin, Dynamic Airspace Management under Weather Uncertainity, 2015-xx.

  4. Nguyen Trong Trung Anh, Spatial-Temporal Wind Energy Prediction, 2013-xx (Co supervisor: Narasimalu Srikanth)

  5. Kumara Vidanalage Don Janaka Prabhash K, Transfer learning for Image Processing, 2012-xx

  6. Shamima Banu Binte SM Rashid, A Fragment based Approach for Protein Tertiary Structure Prediction, 2012-xx.

Graduated Students

  1. Abdullah Shamil Hashim Al-Dujaili, Multi-scale Search for Black-Box Optimization: Theory and Algorithms, 2012-2016.

  2. Muhammad Rizwan Tanweer, Development of Human Learning Principle based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms, 2012-2016.

  3. Ankit Kumar Das, Self-regulating Interval Type-2 Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Brain-Computer Interface, 2012-2016.

  4. Shirin Dora, Evolving Spiking Neural Network for Pattern Classification Problems, 2012-2016.

  5. Huang Hao, Divisible Load Scheduling in Cloud Environment, 2011-2015.

  6. Subbaraju Vigneshwaren, Integrated Imaging Modality for Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection, 2011-2015.

  7. Giduthuri Sateesh Babu, Meta-Cognitive Sequential Learning in RBF Network for Neurodegenerative Diseases, 2010-2014.

  8. Kartick Subramaniyan, Metacognitive Learning Algorithm for Neuro-Fuzzy Systems, 2010-2014.

Master in Engineering

  1. Fahad Hameed Ahmad, Point-based Non-rigid Registration: Application to Object Recognition and Medical Image Registration, 2009-2012.