Research Interests

Dr. LIN’s research interests can be classified into two main categories: theoretical and practical computer science.

In the theoretical part, he focuses on formal methods including model checking and theorem proving. Currently, he is working on automatic compositional verification techniques to alleviate the state explosion problem with respect to model checking. He is also interested in applying formal methods on program verification and synthesis.

In the practical part, he focuses on embedded system design, multi-core embedded software development, and application framework design on cyber physical systems. He is also interested in applying formal methods on embedded system verificaiton and synthesis.

Research Topics

  • Formal Methods
    • Model Checking
    • Compositional Verification
      • Assume-Guarantee Reasoning
    • Theorem Proving
  • Formal Synthesis
    • Compositional Synthesis
    • Assume-Guarantee Synthesis
  • Embedded System
    • Application Framework for Embedded Systems
    • Automatic Code Generation for Embedded Systems
  • Program Design
    • Program Verification
    • Program Synthesis