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Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys

Fundamentals and Device Applications

Edited by

Shuichi Miyazaki

Yong Qing Fu

Wei Min Huang

Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers

W.M. Huang

Bin Yang

Yong Qing Fu

形状记忆合金薄膜:基础与器件应用(英文) [China edition]


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Ø  Shape Memory Materials and Applications


-   Review

Huang WM, Song CL, Fu YQ, Wang CC, Zhao Y, Purnawali H, Lu HB, Tang C, Ding Z. Zhang JL, Shaping tissue with shape memory materials, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Vol. 65, 2013, 515-535  [under theme issue: Bionics-nature-inspired smart materials]

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[Short online version:]

[Long version: Sun et al (2012), Stimulus-responsive shape memory materials: a review, Materials and Design, 33, 577-640

for video clips]

Huang WM, Yang B, Zhao Y and Ding Z, Thermo-moisture responsive polyurethane shape-memory polymer and composites: a review, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 20, 2010, pp3367-3381

[Short online version in Chinese] 高性能聚氨酯形状记忆聚合物及其复合材料

[Short version in German] Huang et al (2011) Polyurethan-Formgedächtnispolymere, PU Magzin, 03, 138-143

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-   Hydrogel (shape memory and instability)

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-   Micro/nano surface patterning

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-   Stimulus-responsive shape memory materials

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-   Mechanism and Optimization

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-    (Comfort) fitting & Active disassembly

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-   Characterization of the shape memory effect in commercial engineering polymers

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-   Materials selection

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Ø  Temperature memory effect (in both heating and cooling via DSC)


-   Shape memory alloys

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-   Polymers

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Ø  Thin films


-   Characterization

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-   Devices

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-   Processing

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Ø  Micro/nano mechanics


-   Indentation test

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-   Nanocoils

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Ø  Yield surfaces


-   Classic yield criteria

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-   Foams

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-   Shape memory alloys

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